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A Skilled Hard Landing - 68 Bob Acker
Agent Orange Pat Eastes , Jack Nemeyer , Bob Taylor , Tom Meeks
Ancient Cannons of Tan My - 72 Mike Woods, Michael Peake, John Spencer, Brian Harrision, Wayne Moose
An Duc Extraction - 4 Nov 68 Dale Dow and many others
Ann Margret Gate to Cu Chi TLN article and online article
Battle of Hobo Woods Jan 68 Aerorifles ambushed just before TET 68
Battle for Tay Ninh Aug 1968 Mostly about A Troops battle on 19 August 1968
Boonie Hats Replaced the Army's Baseball hat in Vietnam
Broomstick Flying Flying the OH-6 Scout from the left seat with a short stick.
Browns a team of ARVN troops replacing the Aerorifle Blues - Randy Love
Call Signs Michael Peake
Centaur Aircraft Tail Numbers List of photos showing names, tail numbers & other aircraft information - Michael Peake
Centaur Aircraft Photos Photos of the aircraft shown on the Tail Numbers page + other aircraft information - Michael Peake
Checkmate Mission Mission where troops, usually with an interpreter and overhead gunship cover, are landed to check out suspicious people, structures or activities. See Wood and Witt movies
Cobra (AH-1G) Accidents/Aerodynamics
Combat Radio Usage How and where all our different radios were used.
Coming Home Marcinkowski, Williams, Fleming, Kelly, Eastes, Hull
Conversion to XM21 gun system Heavy Scout Aircraft replaced M16 sys (M60's) with Miniguns - Powell
CounterMortar at Dau Tieng Cary Bacon, Powell
Cu Chi The Peanut Patch Woody Gardner and other sources
Dau Tieng Memories Tom Fleming, Pat Eastes
Dawn Patrol Mission
"also First Light" & "Perimeter Patrol"

Whitmoyer, Allen, Odom, Altenhofen ,Patterson, Jones, Owen

Door Gunners & Their WeaponsRandy Meade, Jim Hoag, Joe Hoover, Jack Nemeyer,Stan Allen
Duster M42 Twin 40mmBarger, Powell
F Troop Orphans Betsill, Borey
"Fugging Meanie Guns!" Powell, Eschenwald
Gas Mask M24 - AviationPowell, Taylor, Meeks
Gas Mask M17 - Ground Opns Alto, Dunbar, Powelll, Cowell, Hurtt, Graham
Go Dau Ha A Heliport/PO point, RF/PF Compound along the MSR between Cu Chi and Tay Ninh
Ground Attack Cu Chi 26 Feb 69 VHPA Article summarized event. Muleskinner Chinooks Destroyed. Marcinkowski
Homemade Bombs C4, Ammo Cans and nails were used. Taylor, Powell, Nemeyer
Hunter-Killer Shoulder Patch Cobra and LOH crewmembers wore this patch on their left shoulder over the 1st Aviation Brigade patch to indicate that they were part of a "Hunter Killer Team".
Joint Military Commission - 1973 The Four Party Joint Military Commission. Dennis Hogan and other F/4, D/17, & 62nd Aviation (Royal Coachmen) pilots & crew chiefs flew these missions during the 60 days after the Final Ceasefire.
LOH Minigun Door Gun Michael Peake and Tom Dooling
LOH 40mm Grenade Launcher Gary Jones,Bob Forringer
LOH Shoots The Cu Chi Tower Tom "Sam" Dooling & Eric Brethan & Billy Blackmon
LRRP Insert/Extract Missions Mike Siegel, Joe Owen
LZ Sally ARVN Slick Crash -72 Brian Harrision
Map Locations Carl Betsill
Medevac Missions Mike Siegel, Pat Eastes
Money & Military Payment Certificates Vietnamese money, MPCs, coins, etc; most of us kept one or two for nostalgia. Might be worth something now. Rick Williams
Movie Night Michael Banks, Bill Chiaramonte, Bruce Powell, Carl Betsill, Bob Tegelman
My Favorite Maneuver
Williams, Patterson, Eastes, Burgess, T Vaughn, Halliday, Fleming, Clark
Navy Bombs DaNang - 8 Jan 73
Brian Harrision, Dennis Hogan, Joe McCourt, Wayne Moose
OH-23G & Skid Guns Bob Graham, Tom Fleming, Bruce Powell, Walter Cooke, Buck Buxton
OOPS!! Jack Nemeyer, TJ Lange, Bruce Powell, Larry Patterson, Tom Fleming
Operation Shotgun - 1965 The original combat training program for Door Gunners
Ordnance (Guns n' Rockets) collection of emails pertaining
People Sniffer Larry Patterson, Bruce Powell, Wikipedia
Pets The Centaur Pets of War - Dogs, Monkeys
Pink Team LOH (OH-6A) and Cobra (AH-1G) Hunter Killer Team
Prek Klok Remote Airfield, POL, and Fire Support Base in War Zone C between Nui Ba Den and Katum
Radio Usage in Combat What radios were used, where, how, by who, related topics
Red Ants Weaver Ants in the Rubber Trees are painful biters
SAR for "Royal Coachman" Mickey Wilson - 8 Jan 73 by Brian "Stretch" Harrison with Bruce Hinds, Dan Keirsey, Dennis Hogan, Wayne Moose and Peter Barber. Same day as the accidental Naval Bombing of Da Nang.
Shit Burning We had to do something with it.
Scrounging A very common and necessary thing that occurs heavily in every war. Your story?
Shell Oil Cans in the Hobo Bill Altenhofen remembers the hidden 15 foot stack of cans
Snoopy Dog House A unique Bulletin Board for the Centaur Troop Area
Strange Strand Stories about CW2 Kenneth Strand who's nickname was Strange Strand
Tet 1968 - 50 Years Ago Centaur memories of that massive enemy attack
The Engineer - KIA Engineer CPT flying on Dawn Patrol was killed. Bledsoe, Whitmoyer, Fleming
The Vinatexco Textile Factory - TET - 1968 Enemy firing from the Mill caused its destruction by air and artillery John Kelly
The SA-7 Missile - 2 May 1972 Centaur UH-1H rescue aircraft and crew of 5 destroyed by Surface to Air Missile
Tracers Flaming death at night; helps to aim in daytime - Eastes
Tracking Main Rotor Blades Keeping the blades in the same plane makes for smooth flight - Allcock
Troop Commanders List of those who commanded D and F Troops
Who's in Charge Here? Moose Marcinkowski, Tom Flemiing, Bill Chiaramonte, Bruce Powell
Wayne Burns KIA - 12 Dec 1971 His LOH shot down in Cambodia. Ring, Benner, Jones, Broadbent,
Xenon Light - First Test - 1967 Bruce Powell, Tom Fleming, Adolfo Eschenwald, Garrett Marcinkowski
PhotoStory "Down in War Zone C" - 1968 Pat Eastes, Tom Fleming,Dave Bossory,Bruce Wood,Jack Rospert
PhotoStory "Hard Core" - LOH - 1968 Charlie Rice, Charlie Meyer
PhotoStory "Heading for Trouble" - 1972 Lloyd Goildsmith
PhotoStory "Cobra Revetment Crash" - Jan 1969 Craig Peterson, Dale Dow
PhotoStory "Hog Mower - Jul 67" Terry Vaughn, Bill Whitmoyer, Steve Sanford, Dave Bossory, Rick Arthur, Willi Williams
PhotoStory "Fair Haired Ones" - LOH Crewmen 1968-1969 Bob Baldwin, Chris Favata, Charles Burke, Larry Kellum, Lee Ewert, Tim Fegette, Robert Brady, Jim Walt, Greg Redmon
War Stories