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Info Sheet - David Jake Reinhardt


I came to Hemet, California at age 5 from Imperial County. My early years in Imperial County my Dad would work on boths sides of the border because he could speak spanish even being from a german family. We lived in Manzanita/Jacumba a railroad towns on Ca.Route 8 above San Diego, Dad collected snakes,tranchulas & scorpions for the scientist who made meds. In Hemet we had Edwin's brother Leon, WW2 U.S.Army Veteran, his wife Elliane, and son Duane, Grandmother Ida, and her grandmother too. We were visited by Uncle Joe & his wife, I think thats Moms family? In Hemet we started out as farm workers, the whole family, Dad {Edwin) restarted driving cats & bulldozers, and working for the State Fire Servce CDF as a basic firefighter. With great-grandmother passed away, and other relative gone there oun way we moved to a house in San Jacinto on San Jacinto Ave.. This was to be closer to farms & Fire Service were Dad worked. Grandmother Ida was in charge of me during this time period, keeping me safe on the main highway of the time. Grandmother passed away in 1957 leaving me with step-parents for a while. I think the Family was there three years. Paul & I moved to Home
Gardens, California: Where we stayed for another three years with relatives. I went to 4th, 5th & 6th Grades there and summer school in Corona, California was great fun. Paul left first, I followed moving to Hemet again, were I went to Jr High and lives on what is church property now. My best friend was a son of a Hemet police officer, we had fun, fun and more fun. We rode bikes, shot BB guns, and later went on surfing safaris in a woody to all the famous beaches. We also visited Disneyland many time because our landlord worked for Disney. Paul and I moved to Lake Elsinore for a short time, were Paul almost drowned because he went swimming on a cold day. Paul was saved by a park ranger on normal patrol. I stayed in Glen Avon farm shortly and next next moved to La Sierra were I attended high school in Riverside, Dad stayed in Hemet with his friends. My Dad is gone now along with his & my favorite cousin in Oshkosh, named Budd. Budd and my Dad were in the fire wood cutting business together in their early years. Budd leaves his son David , who is in government job in Oshkash. While i was going to high school my brother Paul started his first Machinist job in Los Angeles, California: While my brother Paul was never in the service his first job was making 50 caliber and 60 caliber Machine gun ammo, Paul said he made more 60 caliber rounds than anything, which is an aircraft round. During this time Paul meet Sandi and married her, Paul & sandi used to come by and take me on outtings, sometime sleeping in the car. Paul had many jobs: Machinist, where he worked for Bourns Machine Shop in Riverside, California for twenty years and the retirement turned out to be worthless. Paul drove truck two years, worked refigeration & air-conditioning for two or three years and returned to machinist work later. During my high school years had an adopted mom: Niomi: a retired RN from community hospital and my stepdad Robert F. who was WW2 veteran with a small wounded pension, for being wounded five times, and hit five times the final battle of the war. Bob had a one story to tell, but he appears to have got a US metal & French metal for capturing a german officer, and may have been in General Pattons book for doing so, I found an simular incident in two of the four books I read. Bob was an aircraft painter till force to retire due to illness. From this family that I have many stepbrother & sisters and expanded family, kinda like my gut. They are great, Dick & Betty, Mark & Kevin, Raymond and many others, mostly in New York. Bob & Niomi were great, bob did pass away due to WW2 wounds on vacation in New York. I went to high school at Norte Vista High, Riverside, California. dropped out and joined the Army before finishing high school, served two tours in Vietnam 25th Infantry Division April 1967-1968 Where I served briefly with 25th Avn Bn as a truck driver, F Troop 50th Infantry LRRP with which I trained, went on practice missions, attempted missions, resued once from Ho Trail, ordered off firebase that was later overrun. Left the LRRP two weeks before Tet1968 I went to 1st/5th Mech Infantry james bond recon platoon. We (Medic: Eusevio Alvarado, Sgt. Howard Craig, Sgt. Hap Haddow & others) toured Saigon and the Iron Triangle during the mop up after the Tet attack.
History of 1st/5th Mech Infantry Regiment Bobcats is on Wedsite.with 2/34th Armor with 2/14th, 2/22nd, 3/22nd, 4/23rd, 2/27th Infantry Units & 3/4 Cavalry during April 1967-1968: (Three Months before, during and after Tet 1968) 2nd tour with 1st Cavalry Division Dec.1968-Sept 1969 228th Avn Bn. Driver, flight operations & base defense. I had a short tour of Germany with the 556th MP Company in the middle of RVN tours. I always considered myself as a draft dodger, the draft board would never follow me to Vietnan, I returned to Riverside, California registered with the draft board and took a lot of quiet jobs and interesting jobs: Sears, UCR Physical Plant, Rohr Industries, Lockheed (LAS) at Ontario Airport, Globe Protection (Banks), retired as a Navy police officer. After I returned from Vietnam, I was able to spend more time with my sister Doris, who's favorite cities are San Diego & San Francisco, even though she lives in another town. I hope to travel some day and or go back to school. I got married in 1976 to Virginia Ann, a year later we had our first baby girl Patriicia, we took her to Texas during my AirForce training, Gin's family is from Texas. We returned had two more babies in time, Tammy & Jason. I lost my real Mom Yolanda in 2005, she went down hill fast when because her illnesses she could not come home to visit. She rest with the city fathers here in downtown area. I have relatives in Riverside, California, Oshkosh Wisconsin and Lower Saxony Germany: Key relative: Johann Gottfried Reinhardt 1798-1878. Not related to the judge, but the German Fieldmarshall Georg- Hans Reinhardt is stong possablity. In memory of my brother Paul a great brother: who passed away due to a brain tumor and keep off social security disablity by kaiser HMO & social security. Paul was a protector, magic man, a great story teller and remember: "Those known to God only." PS: I was not the class clown at Norte Vista that was Michael.