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BEUDEN, Harland

Owner of Little Bird LLC - Gives rides to LOH Crewmembers


Tank Crewmember C Troop - Medal of Honor
BLACKMON, William "Billy" Air Traffic Controller - 165th CAG - Flew as LOH Crewman with Centaurs
BRENNAN, John Author of Helicopter Nose Art Books - SP5 with 114th AHC 1970-71
BROWN, James D. 1968 Tank Commander, A Troop - KIA 21 Feb 1968
BROWNFIELD, Jerry M. 1969-70 B Troop/3rd Platoon - Active in Centaur Vets Day Reunions
BURNS, Ruth Ann Centaur Wife (Carl 1966-67)
CALLAHAN, Michael J. 1967 C Troop Track Driver
CAVANAH, Steven Military Vehicle Preservation Association & Monroe Marauders
COMEAU, William "Bill" A/2/12th Inf - Author of Battle of Soui Tre.
COOK, Tina Founder of "Veteran Buddy Finder", a Facebook group
CHICIONE, Steve Historian & Writer - The Craig Peterson Story
COOMER, Bill 1968 A Troop Commander during "Centaur 40 Shootdown"
COX, Dave 1968-69 A Troop APC Driver Scout Section (Secretary of 3/4 Cav Chapter)
CUFF, Frank 1967-68 C Troop Track Commander
DAVIS, Phillip 1970 - 71 LRRP
DOW, Thomas A. Dale Dow's son
EBERHARDT, Bill 1968-69 LRRP
FALCONE, Paul SP4 Cook with 75th Ranger 1969-70 - DECEASED 5 Jan 2023      
FINCH, Art unknown to mid 1965 First Troop Commander of D Trp (Air)
FLEMING, Ginnie Centaur Wife (Tom 1967-68)
GENTILE, Joe 1968 - 69 LRRP
GOOCH, Rex Author of the story "The Rescue of Lady Ace - Jul1972"
HEADLEY, Jerry 1968-69 B & HHT; President Emeritus 3/4 Cav Chapter
HENDRY, John B. 1965-66 Squadron Commander
JACKSON, Matt Huey Pilot Vietnam 1968-69. Book Author "Undaunted Valor"
JAMISON, Danny G. 1969 - 70 ? Helped Nemeyer with DD214 & Recommended O'Connell for MOH
JERDON, John G. 1967-68 A Troop Track Cdr during "Centaur 40 Shootdown"
JONES, John US Army Vietnam Patch Collector and Researcher for VHPA
KATOVISICH, Darrell "Kat" 1968-69 Wrecker Driver for HHT 3/4 Cav
KNAPP, Curtis R. "Curt" 1968-69 LOH Pilot for 101st - Flew LOH #67-17795 "Wargasm"
MADDOX, Colleen Landherr Sister of Centaur Dan Wilson KIA
MARTIN, Charles 1968 Hughes OH-6 Tech Rep
MCGOWAN, Robert S. 3/4 Cav Squadron Commander Nov68-Aug69
MILLER, Dike 1966 S2/S3 Air/ B TrpCdr
MONIHAN, Joe 1963-66 S4/HHT & A Trp Cdr
MOORE, John 1968-69 A Troop Platoon Leader
MORRIS, Amy & Mike AH-1G Kentucky Woman - American Legion Post #65  Statesville, NC
MOSS, Mel 1968-69 A Trp Cdr
MRKVICKA, William 1968-69 LRRP
NISHIMURA, Rodney 1967-68 A Trp, 2nd Platoon Leader - Talks of "Doc" Halliday
NORTON, Phillip John 1970 LRRP 75th Rangers
OATMAN, Dudley "Dud" Docent at San Diego Air & Space Museum - Centaur Aircraft 67-19494
O'KEEFFE, James Brian 1968-69 A Troop, 3/4 Cav Medic
OLSEN, David O. 1968-69 A Troop, 3/4 Cav - Provides research/info for Centaur KIA's
OLSEN, Joyce Centaur wife (Doug 1967-68) video
OTIS, Glenn 1967-68 3/4 Cav Sqdn Cdr - Deceased
PENLEY, Charles E. 377th Security Police Squadron, Oct 1967 - Jul 1969 see Website
PETERS, Eugene L. "Gene" 1968 Track 30 Crewmember, 3rd Plt, A Troop, 3/4 Cav
PHELAN, John 1969-1970 A Troop Tank Driver
ROLL, Henry H. "Rick" 1967 D Trp (Air), 3rd Sqdn, 5th Cav - Trained with Centaurs
SALE, Dave President AAHF Arizona Chapter
SCHNEIDER, Robert "Bob" 1967-68 A Troop Track Cdr during Battle for Tay Ninh
SHAFFER, Bill C Troop Commander 67-68; Re: CW2 Craig Peterson
SHEA, JOHN M. "JACK" 3/4 Cav Squadron Commander Jun67-Nov67
TOOPS, Richard 1971 240th AHC pilot Centaur LOH Rescue
STRIBLING, Bill 1967 "Razorback" Door Gunner Supported Centaur 40 Shootdown TET 68
STUCKEY, Fred B. 1968-70 LRRP Renegade Woods Battle and Centaur airsupport
THOMSON, Mark 1967 Track Driver A Troop
VERVER, Tim 1968-69 Tank Crewman A Troop
WRIGHT, Daniel 1967-68 C Trp XO
YONKE, Gene 1968 A Trp, Sabre Alpha 65; Re: CW2 Craig Peterson
ZYGOWICZ, Alan 1972 USMC CPT CH-46 Pilot - see Rescue of Lady Ace