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Info Sheet - Stephen S. Gormley

I never got a callsign, at least none that I was ever aware of. Although, according to MTO&E protocol, the Motor Officer (my add’l duty) was probably supposed to get one. If so, that would have been it.

When the pilots from the 187th arrived, F Troop was put way overstrength. I hardly flew at all while I was there, which was just over a month. I barely got to know anybody. When the unit was sent up North, I was left behind and got transferred out soon thereafter. I ended up with the 358th Aviation Detachment, Volunteers, part of the 5th MI Group. I got assigned to the crew that flew their UH-1 based in Saigon.

My wife’s name is Janet. That is her picture on the wall behind Steve Deaton and me on the bed writing a letter, probably to her. She was eight months pregnant with our first son at the time. I had gone home on a weekend pass from flight school and married her. Best thing I ever did!

There were four of us in that tiny room. When we got to Long Binh, we were told we had to set up our own quarters. They told us we could do so in those metal buildings. My other roommates were Steve Deaton, Dan Miller and John Petrilla.

I ran into Steve at Hotel 3 in Saigon, probably in late May. He broke the news about John to me.