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Vietnam Dust Off Cover & Fire Support Mission 8 March 1971

Hugh "Sandy" McLeod

Sandy used a cassette tape to record this mission. It has been digitized - click below

It only works on some browsers right now. Working on it 4 Feb 2022

Audio Recording of Vietnam Aeromedical Evacuation Cover and Fire Support Missions
Taped by 1LT Hugh “Sandy” McLeod - Date: 8 March 1971

Location: Vietnam. NNW of Xuan Loc, which is about 40 miles ENE of Saigon. Grid YT4418. (See Map)

Situation and Scenario: Company size element of a battalion of 2nd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division (1/5 Mechanized Infantry or 3/22 Infantry or 4/23 Mechanized Infantry), has made contact with enemy in a bunker complex. They have taken at least one casualty requiring an urgent aeromedical evacuation.
An AH-1G Cobra fire team (2 Cobras) from D Troop, ¾ Cavalry, 25th Infantry Division, call sign Centaur, links up with a D Troop pink team (1 Cobra, 1 OH-6A LOH (Light Observation Helicopter) and the medevac helicopter Dustoff 22, both already on station, to cover the medical evacuation.

After completion of the medevac cover mission, the three Cobras engage the bunker complex target with 2.75” 17lb warhead high explosive rockets, 40mm grenades and 7.62mm minigun fire.

Simultaneously, during engagement of the bunker complex by the Cobras, the infantry battalion commander prepares the target area for an airstrike by the Air Force. (Note: Each AH-1G Cobra carries 38 2.75” rockets, 4,000 rounds of 7.62mm and 300 rounds of 40mm. They also carry 14 2.75” fleshette rockets. But, they are not used during this mission.)

Centaur 52, CW2 Marty Sullivan. Fire team lead.

Centaur 54, CW2 Randy Jones. Fire team wingman.

Centaur 46, 1LT Hugh “Sandy” McLeod (For this mission McLeod is front seater for CW2 Jones. Both are A/Cs with time in country of about 9 months each. McLeod doesn’t recall how he ended up in the front seat on this mission.)

Centaur 42, ILT Mel Locke. Pink team cobra. (May have been CPT by that time.)

Centaur 18, WO1 Ed Wolfe. Pink team LOH.

Dustoff 22, Peter Piazza. Medevac pilot (per VHPA website).

Centaur 13, CW2 Terry Bleed. LOH pilot.
“88T” and other “88” call signs – Elements of infantry company. 88T is company commander.

“Desire XX” call signs – Elements of infantry battalion. “Desire 22” is Battalion Commander.

“Issue 28 (22?)”, Forward Air Controller of 19th Tactical Air Support Squadron. Flying Cessna O-2A Skymaster


We are working to get this audio tape transcribed to text. The text, with possible photos and comments will be placed here. (6 Feb2022)

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