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War Stories

Our Great XO "Moose"

by Geoff Zorger, Tom Fleming, John Moore, Tom Meeks - (see family tribute movie)


When I became part of the ¾ Cav, I was of course a WO1 and was assigned to the slick platoon. The "Moose" was the Executive Officer. I would like to say that all my dealings with him were of course wonderful. LOL.

I remember being called into the office for working on the flight line with my crew chief and gunner and getting my butt chewed out for not having the top of my Nomex and tee shirt on. He of course reminded me that I was an officer and a certain amount of decorum and proper dress was required.

I remember my next unrequested visit was being told to report to Moose’s office just as I had landed from a LRRP mission. Without any discussion he told me to pack a bag as I would be gone for three days and return to his office asap. When I returned he told me there was a flight taking me to Vung Tau and I would be there for three days (in country R&R). I started to protest about being taken off the flight line and he was quite curt with the answer that there was no need to discuss the issue. I asked if I had done something wrong and the answer was no. He then said I was two hours short of 140 hours flight time in for the month! After that our interplay was much less formal.

Then the Moose became my steadfast supporter of my putting Nighthawk into work by getting me maintenance time to build gun and light mounts and the movement of a minigun etc. He was such a good supporter and wrote an article for the Aviation Digest and co-authored me (published Nov 1969)

Years later I was told that he did a video at a reunion about Nighthawk crediting me with the program. His choice of words were amusing to me. He couldn’t quite say I was in charge but that I ramrodded the entire project. Thank you Big Fella.

My last flight with him was my first and only dawn patrol and he was my pilot as I was the AC. I didn’t realize it then but he was a good man and he was the first to shake my hand when I was promoted to CW2.

Lastly , I remember him meeting me on the flight line after a difficult mission and I was very appreciative of his strong support. I am sorry about the length of this (not), but I am truly sorry for his passing and regret I never contacted him to thank him for his support as our XO. Geoff

Tom Fleming: Moose came to D Troop a short time after I departed subsequently I met and worked with Moose while we were both assigned to the Army Staff in DCSOPS, he in the Training Dirctorate, me in the Requirements Dirctorate. After working together on several occasions we discovered we were both Centaurs. Our next coincidental assignments we were In Hawaii serving as the WESTCOM Avn Officer . The position I gave up when I was promoted and moved to the DIC of Schofield Barracks and Wheeler Army Activity. & Avn Officer for Hawaii (a Catagory 1 Aviation Assignment) Following each other built a close working and personal relationship. I Hold Moose as one of the most professional officers I ever served with. Most importantly he was an inspiration both personally and professionally.

John Moore: He was a good man. I was the A Trp XO when he was the D Trp XO. Have fond memories of him from the 3/4 Cav reunions of which he was a regular attendee. He most recently attended the reunion in Wash D.C. in April. Above is a photo of Moose at the Wine Tasting at the April 2022 reunion.


Tom Meeks: Moose & I shared a kindred spirit together from our crash that night. Remember we shared our fears and good luck thoughts, then but never discussed it again. May he rest in peace.