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Info Sheet - Steve Chicione

email to Centaurs


chicioneI am a historian and writer in the Twin Cities. My website is Among my books is OUR HALLOWED GROUND: THE WORLD WAR TWO VETERANS OF FORT SNELLING NATIONAL CEMETERY (University of Minnesota Press). I highlighted eighty-plus veterans with old photos and their stories, as well as a guide to their final resting places.

I recently completed teaching a course through University of Minnesota titled THE VETERANS OF FORT SNELLING NATIONAL CEMETERY into which I wove a decade of research to include not only WWII, but also the Civil War, the Span Am War, WWI, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.
I am in the process of transforming that material into a book this winter - I already have much in place.

I am in need of compelling stories and am very focused on not focusing on the “big” names, the high-ranking officers, etc in the cemetery. I came across the writeup on Craig Peterson, formerly of Lakeville here in the Twin Cities, who is buried at Fort Snelling. I did use Craig’s story in my class and mentioned the recommendation for the Medal of Honor. The veterans in the crowd all listened intently and nodded approval. I will do my best to carry forward Craig’s story in the book. It will not be a major part in the book, but it will be an important part. I would be honored to include Craig’s story.

Email to Centaurs Oct 2018:


I have been all over your website.  Most interesting.  Well done.  Bill Shaffer suggested I contact you.  

I am interested in learning who else might have stories or insight into CW2 Craig Peterson, who flew a Huey with D Troop in Vietnam.  I have Bill Shaffer’s writeup concerning the evac of July 3, 1968 and I have Gene Yonke’s writeup concerning the heroic evac of August 24, 1968. That is quite a bit there.  I am seeking additional information, as well as any good photos of Craig or of those actions.

If possible, I would like to get a copy of the recommendation for CWO2 Peterson to receive the Medal of Honor, which I do understand was not approved, and a copy of his flight record if it exists.  I am open to anyone who could come forward with a photo(s) from which I could get a high-resolution tiff scan and permission to use.

I appreciate anything your members might be willing to share.  I will try to contact the family as well.  I can be reached at this email address.