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Info Sheet - Larry C. Vallelonga

The aircraft that Larry Vallelonga was a passenger in was shot down by enemy fire on 30 May 1969.
He later died of his wounds (primarily 3d degree burns) on 30 June while being treated
at the 106th General Hospital in Japan.

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Larry was a Public Affairs Specialist who wrote articles for the Tropic Lightning News. Maybe we can learn a bit more about him by researching and reading them.

Larry Vallelonga was initially assigned to Trp A. He was transferred to Trp D (Air) ,23 May 1969. He was working as the Public Affairs specialist for the Centaurs and squadron and writing news articles for the Tropic Lightning Newspaper. He was flying as a passenger in the OH-6 being flown by CW2 John M. Hohman and WO Thomas E. Hays when the aircraft received hostile fire and crashed and burned on 30 May 1969. WO Hays was killed in the crash. CW2 Hohman died from burns the next day. SP4 Vallelonga was badly burned and evacuated to Japan where he passed away on 30 June 1969.

From John Moore, A Troop,...The dates from his service record extract on when he was transferred to D Trp. It seems he was actually only in D Troop for 7 days when they were shot down.
* 28 Aug 68 - Reported to C Co, 1st Bn, 11th Infantry, 5th ID RVN.
* 18 Oct 68 - Medical Holding Company, 7th Fld Hosp
* 10 Nov 68 - A Troop, 3rd Sqdn, 4th Cav
* 16 Mar 69 - HQ Troop, 3rd Sqdn, 4th Cav
* 23 May 69 - D Troop, 3rd Sqdn, 4th Cav
* 30 Jun 69 - Died of wounds

According to his service records he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. We need to see if we can find that. The Army was not very free with DFC's to enlisted men.Vallelonga