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Info/Obituary on Dale Dow
Deceased 16 February 2018

Obit, Eulogy, Comments from friends and fellow soldiers, Dale's Essay

DowDale David Dow, 72, of Manhattan, passed away Friday, February 16th, at Meadowlark Hills Retirement Community. He was retired from the US Army and worked as a substitute teacher at Manhattan High School for 15 years and served on the board of directors for the Centaurs in Vietnam organization.

Dale was born in Burlington, WI on August 4, 1945, the son of the late Murray David and Jeanne Carolyn (Uebele) Dow. He graduated from Burlington High School, received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Education from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in 1975 and a Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling from KSU in May 1993.  

On Nov. 29, 1965, he was drafted into the US Army, graduated from Officer Candidate School and received his commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in 1966. He deployed to Vietnam in late 1967 where he served as the Aerorifle Platoon Leader for D Troop 3rd Squadron 4th Cavalry Regiment from Jan 1968 to Aug 1968 in addition to other positions. He retired on June 1, 1991 at Ft. Riley.

Dale was a member of the 25th Infantry Division Association; the 3rd Squadron, 4th Calvary Association, the Centaurs in Vietnam; Veterans of Foreign Wars; Reserve Officers Association and the Phi Kappa Phi Fraternity at KSU.

Dale is survived by a daughter, Christine M. (Jason) Smith, of Manhattan; son, Thomas A. (Jessica) Dow, of Lawrence; sister, Mary J. (Kurt) Schmidt, of Milwaukee, WI; two brothers, Stephen M. (Susan) Dow, of Madison, WI; James R. (Sheri) Dow, of Menomonee Falls, WI; 3 grandchildren: Katherine Smith, Manhattan; Gregory Smith, Manhattan; Kaiden Dow, Lawrence. He was preceded in death by his parents.

The family received friends on Sunday afternoon Feb. 25th at the Irvin-Parkview Funeral Home & Cremation, 1317 W. Poyntz in Manhattan.

The funeral service was held on Monday, Feb. 26, 2018 at 10:00 AM at the funeral home. Burial with military honors will follow at Kansas Veterans Cemetery, Manhattan.

The family requests in lieu of flowers for donations to be made to the 3rd Squadron 4th Cavalry Association or 25th Division Association Scholarship funds.



Dale was a good man, true to his convictions, loyal to his country and to his men. He was also a military man, hard enough to tow the line and hold the ranks! But, when it came to family he lived on the other side of life. His family was his world and often would take time from commitments that he should have been keeping to engage in family life. If only for a short time. After talking briefly with Thomas and Christine, Dales's two children, it was most evident where his priorities laid. Those two were beaming with pride in their father and feeling the sorrow of his passing and it was as deep as it could possibly go. Thomas, being a retired Sgt. Major, and knowing how to hold the line, could not hide the love in his eyes for his father. Christine, well it goes without saying that the love for her father was ever present and the broken heart was evident. We will miss Dale tremendously!

The weather had been cold, icy, snowy, windy and downright inhospitable! But come the day of the funeral, the sun showed itself, the wind died down and allowed us to proceed with some modicum of comfort. From our unit, were, Warren Larson, Barney Wood, Allen (KC) Allcock, Frank Dillon and myself, Fred Reese. There is no doubt in my mind, that had the weather been better, our men would have flooded the chapel. At least some of us were able to make it to see Dale off and wish him God speed with our prayers for a better life hereafter.

Fred Reese









Comments from friends and fellow soldiers

Tom Fleming:   Dale was beyond a friend he was a confidant on many issues that related to the inner workings of the organization, historical events, methods for funding of actions of D/F Troop matters and the relationship of D/F Troop with in the 3/4 Cav Chapter and the 25th Infantry Division Association. Dales legacy for D/F Troop Centaurs is mighty.  He has shone by his efforts the impact one person can make in the bond participating in CIVO, the 3/4 and Cavalry chapter can make on all of us who hold him close in our hearts snd minds and recognize that bond can mean to themselves and others.

John Kelly: He was the conscience of us all. May he Rest with the Angels and help prepare our place for us as we join him over the years. Dale, You've done your country proud. Rest in Peace, Warrior. Rest in Peace.

Joe Owen: This is very sad and not good news.
    Dale was a great person, that I enjoyed knowing while we served together in D Troop and being with him at the reunions over the years.
    Several times in the past he has send a message to me asking about various issues that came up and asked for my input.  Which I was happy to assist.
    We have been blessed to have served with him, to work with him to sort out various issues that came up concerning members of D Troop and especially the Aero-rifle platoon, and to party with him over the years.
    I had the privilege of commanding the aero-rifle platoon in late ’68 and early ’69 and know how much he cared for all members of that platoon that served in RVN.  I know that the members of the platoon cared a lot for Dale also.
    Tom, you can be very proud of your father!!

Pat Eastes: Dale was a good guy and an invaluable asset to the Centaur community. He will be missed.

Rolland Fletcher: Dale took this artillery man assigned to 'D' 3/4 as a comrade and made me feel at home. I replaced a very liked individual and Dow was one of the men who welcomed me, he told me to be my own man. Just do your best.
I never forgot. .....
     Rest in Peace Noble Warrior

Jim Walt: I am so sorry to hear this. Dale was a touchstone of 3/4 reunions, especially for members of D Trp. Loved this man. I am grieving. Thomas Dow, if you see this, know he was seen by others as one of the best of us.

Rick Williams: Those of us who knew and worked with Dale respected and admired his great love for his country.  Service to one's country is the highest form of patriotism, and he was a true patriot.  He will be missed, but never forgotten. Rest in piece old friend. 

Moose Marcinkowski: A sad day for all Centaurs, the 3/4 Cav as a whole and our country. The highest accolade a soldier can earn is "He was a good troop." Dale was certainly that. I did not serve in Vietnam with Dale but what a good troop for all he has done for the Centaurs. As the unit historian he has kept us on an even keel in tracking and commemorating our compadres. From his initiative to remember the aero-rifle losses with  memorial bricks at Schofield Barracks, to the selling of hats with Hueys, Cobras's and LOH's emblazoned thereon. He always had the Centaurs in his heart and his mind and will be long remembered. Rest in peace good buddy.

Jack Craig: A very sad day.   Rest in peace My brother and  very good friend, you will be missed by all.

Terry Branham: A strong second to Jack
Dale has done a awesome job helping Bruce bringing our Centaur community together
He will be missed as a good friend and an honorable hero among us.
God Bless you Dale and thank you for the memories
See you on the other side

Mike Vaughn: We all must admit, Dale was one of a kind.  He was a good man, great trooper and fine American.  So, so sorry to hear of such a loss.

John Moore: This is very sad news.  Dale was a great asset to the 3/4 Cav Association.  Always looked forward to seeing him at reunions.  He was a good man.

Bill Hull: RIP Dale. You will be greatly missed. Our family has lost a great leader. 

Marty Jenkins: I will never forget his smiling face when he gathered me and my family in 2000 . He simply said “ welcome home trooper, your brothers all missed you.” He always smiled with love in his heart and he cannot be replaced !!

Herb Beasley: Dale, I’m really glad I got to know you. You are one Hell of a Trooper. I’ll miss the way we joked around at reunions.
That look on your face when I told you that I had charged my Bar tab to your room. God bless you and your family.

Bob Tegelman: Sorry to hear about Dale, he was a super great guy.  could shoot the bull with every one.  Will be miss at the reunions.   God Bless him and his family 

Allen Allcock: I sit here almost stunned at this message.  I think of all the work he did for us, the Troopers of 3/4 Cavalry, especially those of us of D/F Troop and our annual Mini-reunions we had each Veterans Day.
    He certainly was a great leader for the Troop, and certainly one that I will call a good friend. He certainly respected and fought hard for the foundations of our Constitution.   He will be missed by his military family and country. 
Thomas, I know he was proud of you and your accomplishments. 

May God give peace and comfort to you.

Bob Forringer: Sorry to hear about Dale. Times like this make us remember the good old days as Centaurs. Dale was a good soldier and a great friend. He will be greatly missed. RIP

Gary Jones: Many of us would have never become involved in the 3/4 Cav association, without Dale’s efforts and encouragement. He brought me on board, as well as helping me with my ”story”, aka, background information, for the website. I never got to know Dale personally, but he touched my life and helped bring me ”home” to the association. I am so sorry I will not be able to finally meet him in person at my first reunion in Colorado Springs.
Rest in peace, brave warrior.

Lynn Peterson Mobley: Col. Pete is sorry he could not make the funeral. He had the upmost respect and gratitude for Dale and all he did for the Centaurs over the years. It was the most meaningful thing possible for him to re-connect with the Centaurs in the latter portion of his life, and Dale helped make all that possible. In so doing, he enriched the lives of all.


Jerry Headley: Dale had a quick wit and impish smile. and a loyalty to his comrades that was unfailing. His love for the 3-4 Cavalry and especially the Centaurs had no equal. "He will be missed" is not a cliché when it comes to Dale. I will miss him terribly. Jerry Headley 3-4 CAV

David Cox: This is heartbreaking. I will really miss him.

Dwight Birdwell: LTC Dow was funny as could be!  When we were in Kansas last Summer, he showed up for the event wearing flip-flops, old shorts and a worn t-shirt.  He looked around, and realized he was under-dressed for the event.  He then looked at me and said, hell, you know I am just an old drunk!!!  He immediately left, and came back in a short-bit, looking like a million bucks.
He was loyal to the USA, the CAV and his friends.

Butch Sincock: So sad.  Dale was my Mobile Advisory Team leader from Nov 68 - March or April 69.  We were the only two officers on a five man advisory team in Tan An Prov.  We fought like hell too - with each other!  But he was a good guy.  Some years ago I sent him all my photos, a number of him, that I had taken when we were on on the MAT.  He also had a good camera and was going to reciprocate, but never got around to it.  He came to our reunion in Fairbanks. Drove an RV all the way up there.

Steve Chicione: I am sad to hear about Dale's passing. I enjoyed my conversations and correspondence with Dale about his time in Vietnam. He was a good man and a modest American hero. I am proud to have interfaced with him. RIP, Dale.