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What is meant by : MyPage - PhotoLess - Dual - MyPagePhotos?

Each Centaur is to have his own page on the website called a MyPage (see MyPage format)

by Bruce Powell 2017  

"MyPage" is the term we use to define each Centaur's homepage on the new website. It is designed and intended to show two photos of the Centaur, one in Nam and one more current. That photo is composed in Photoshop and referred to as his "Dual". His name and Centaur job is printed on the Dual.

On the left of the Dual is a small amount of information (Tour..., Lives in..., and Wife... if appropriate. The text is large so that when the "MyPage" is displayed on a large screen it can be read easily by a large audience.

In the upper right of the MyPage are buttons that link to other items involving this Centaur (Movies, Audio, Articles, Bio, Photo Album, etc).

The purpose of the "Photoless" MyPage is to provide a link to a man's name on the Roster so that viewers can easily find any info that we have on that man (even though we don't yet have a photo of him). It might also help to inspire someone to send in a Nam or Current photo of the man so we can do a proper MyPage.




"MP" = MyPage Photo

"MyPagePhotos" (MP) are other photos of that same Centaur that have large text on the left (Caption) to give more meaning to the photos and further define the man. This is different than his Slideshow or Photo Album. It is photos of him that may have come from his collection or any other source and is to provide the viewer with a better recollection of this man. Use the small white buttons in the lower right corner of a MyPage to see them.

Example MyPage Photo page with 6 MyPage Photos (MP).

How to access the MyPage Photos (MP).

See instructions on how to create a MyPagePhoto.





MyPagePhotos are accessed by clicking on the white buttons in the lower right corner of the MyPage.



Example of a MyPage with 6 MyPagePhotos

The MyPagePhotos are numbered for easy reference and can be used on other related MyPages.



This is the MyPagePhoto format:

(Using MyPagePhoto3 from Bob Dunbars page above). Looks very similiar to the base MyPage in formatting.