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War Stories

Gunships Rake VC - April 1969



Vol 4 - No 15 - 14 April 1969

Mentioned: 1Lt Terry Tally

CU CHI - Vengeance fell like a thunderbolt on five VC who fired on a LOH only to draw the attention of an accompanying Cobra.

Flying a visual recon mission with the LOH dodging about just over the tree tops, First Lieutenant Terry Tally of St. Joseph, Tenn., spotted a VC close to a hedgerow. With a noise like a racing engine winding out, Talley's mini-gun scorched the VC.

But the enemy had gotten off a burst simultaneously, wounding Tally in the head and impairing his vision. He stayed in the area long enough to spot two more VC and called in the Cobra gunship.

With its mini-gun blazing, the Cobra raked the area with fire, killing four more VC.