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War Stories

"Baby Scouts" Net 2



Vol 2 - No 47 - 27 Nov 1967

Two "Baby Scouts" (OH 23s) from Delta Trp (AIR), 3d Sqdn, 4th Cav, found three men hiding in a rice paddy between Trung Lap and Trang Bang recently.

Flying the daily "last light" patrol, WO Mackie Webb of Ware Shoals, S.C., spotted the men just north of Highway One.  He pushed the stick on his "Baby Scout" and plummeted in for a closer look.

Two armed men started running across a paddy.  Webb called back to base camp for permission to fire.  Permission granted, his doorgunner placed effective suppressive fire behind the fleeing figures.

WO Daryl Gunn, St Louis, Mo., flying security several hundred feet above swooped down for a better look and a chance to join in.

A third man suspect was spotted near all the action.  He came into the open with his hands in the air.

Both scouts landed and Webb and his doorgunner looked for the two men in the paddy.  He found one body but the other man had disappeared into the water of the rice paddy and could not be found.

The detainee was brought back to the 25th Div's base camp at Cu Chi.

"We have had about 75 per cent of our contacts in this area," Gunn said.