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War Stories

Extract CIA From Cambodia - 1971

John Evans

SP4 Pete Perez our door gunner and I only flew one mission for the CIA. We left SP5 Jerry Don Matthews our crew chief behind to make room four two passengers.

I was summoned to the Tay Ninh operations center and asked if I would pick up two CIA agents in Cambodia. When I agreed I was introduced to a guy in civilian clothes who gave me an ADF frequency to follow with the recognition signal and the instruction to kill them if they popped red smoke and pick them up if they popped green.

We flew low level following the ADF about 20+ minutes into Cambodia until the ADF chirped and green smoke rose above the shrubs and trees. 2 heavily armed tough looking expatriates in camouflage climbed aboard without a word. We returned to the Tay Ninh airfield where a civilian and vehicle awaited them. No words were spoken.