Index of partially edited photos
William "Bill" Whitmoyer

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BW-001: In flight over Cu Chi I think

BW-002: Goes with #001, #003, and #004

BW-003: Not like the gas stations back home

BW-004: Same as #001, #002, and #003

BW-005: Me screwing around in the bunker

BW-006: Seldom landed but for some reason we landed to detained

BW-007: Rush of traffic on the flight line at Cu Chi

BW-008: Flying somewhere

BW-009: L to R – Jim Taylor, Not sure, Silas Groover, Alan Griffith (standing) and not sure (standing – far right)

BW-010: One of the big boys decided to trim the trees

BW-011: Go Dau Ha Bridge – WO Walter Baum and flew under this from time to time

BW-012: Higher look over the bridge

BW-013: Community along the Oriental river just past the bridge

BW-014: Morning commuter making his way down stream

BW-015: Flying on the surface of the water

BW-016: Flying somewhere

BW-017: Lt. Larry Patterson

BW-018: Flying into Cu Chi

BW-019: Flying into Cu Chi

BW-020: Flying along the river looking for trouble

BW-021: Looking over the buildings at sunset

BW-022: Flying along the river

BW-023: Roof came down in the maintenance shack after a storm – James E Taylor Jr, left, Allen R. Griffith, right

BW-024: WO Walter Baum

BW-025: WO Baum relaxing with the troops

BW-026: Me on the left with Silas Groover on the right

BW-027: Mortar direct hit – somebody parked in the wrong spot

BW-028: Nui Ba Den

BW-029: Nui Ba Den

BW-030: Nui Ba Den

BW-031: Nui Ba Den

BW-032: Most remember the boardwalks going to the shower

BW-033: I believe this is Joseph Marsh who was bunked in my hootch

BW-034: The OH23 as it was when I arrived in country – purely observation, no guns

BW-035: And what followed was clutter and challenges

BW-036: We installed a skid gun, gunner in the R door and someone with M-79 in the L door

BW-037: Lot of clutter with too little room

BW-038: Not nearly enough when you most needed it

BW-039: A few of each

BW-040: Skid gun on the left side

BW-041: Flying close

BW-042: The view looking back

BW-043: Flying somewhere

BW-044: Flying somewhere

BW-045: Looking out of my hootch towards the mess hall and the flight field

BW-046: Same as #045

BW-047: Challenge of a game of basketball

BW-048: When it rained, it did rain

BW-049: You sure found the leaks when it rained like this

BW-050: No basketball today

BW-051: Sunset after a rain

BW-052: Flying somewhere

BW-053: Capt. Ernie Sanders piloting my helicopter

BW-054: Capt. Ernie Sanders as a civilian

BW-055: Flying somewhere

BW-056: Going to the new area past the hanger

BW-057: The maintenance hanger

BW-058: A Huey coming in for a landing

BW-059: Silas L. Groover taking some personal time

BW-060: One of the big boys kicking up some dust

BW-061:This is Kenneth Holmes a really super guy. He hung with Joseph Marsh. I remember giving my seat up one morning on perimeter patrol to a Engineer Captain that wanted to get the opportunity to fly; long story short, they took a random round that day while completing the patrol; the round found unlikely and deadly mark - the Captain was hit in the groin and bled out before they could get back to base. When Holmes saw me later that day back at the hootch, he hugged me and cried, thinking that it was I that had taken the round and died. Walt Baum was the pilot.

BW-062: One of the sites at the Artillery unit behind us

BW-063: Artillery unit behind us

BW-064: Returning home after a long day of flying

BW-065: Some low level flying

BW-066: From high above

BW-067: Picture of Gerald J “Jay” Gautreau

BW-068: Picture of Bryon Bledsoe

BW-069: Looking out over the bunkers and the hootches

BW-070: Left, not sure, Holmes in the center, and right, Paul Davidson

BW-071: Flying somewhere

BW-072: Flying somewhere

BW-073: Do not recall where this was

BW-074: Do not recall where this was

BW-075: The beauty and serenity of sunset

BW-076: Relaxing with the view

BW-077: Relaxing with the view

BW-078: Flying low level along the road

BW-079: Me on the left with Silas Groover

BW-080: The lead maintenance chief and Crew Chief on the OH23s; Jack Lorenson

BW-081: Me standing beside my aircraft doing maintenance

BW-082: I can’t remember the soldier on the left but on the right is James E Taylor Jr

BW-083: Flying low level along the road again

BW-084: TJ Lange relaxing

BW-085: Flying somewhere

BW-086: If I recall they called this the flying crane? (Sky Crane)

BW-087: Morning and time to clean the bubbles so we could do dawn patrol

BW-088: Low level along the river

BW-089: Maintenance shack looking down the flight line of the OH23s

BW-090: Huey gunship firefight at dusk

BW-091: Huey gunship firefight at dusk

BW-092: One of the hootches after the hurricane

BW-093: Operations area did not do well during the storm either

BW-094: Operations storm damage

BW-095: Save what you can; while you can

BW-096: Some just came tumbling down

BW-097: Me relaxing, pretending to be a civilian

BW-098: Flying somewhere a little low

BW-099: The aircraft that replaced the OH23; Hughes LOH-6A "Loach"

BW-100: LOH-6A "Loach"

BW-101: LOH-6A "Loach"

BW-102: LOH-6A "Loach"

BW-103: Potential member of the local VC chapter

BW-104: Some of the tools of his trade

BW-105: Some of the tools of his trade

BW-106: On the road again

BW-106: Not sure who was flying but we were at about 1300 feet

BW-108: Air Force Fairchild C-123K Provider

BW-109: Air Force Fairchild C-123K Provider

BW-110: The Grumman OV-1 Mohawk

BW-111: My OH23 on an overcast day

BW-112: Me relaxing

BW-113: Low level flying

BW-114: Not sure what this is but it looks like something’s really burning

BW-115: Moving into the new area

BW-116: I believe this was right before the new bunkers were completed

BW-117: Looking down the flight line before we had bunkers