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Draft Newsletter Daily Worksheet for January 2023 Draft

Latest Update of Draft - 9 December 2023

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This is my worksheet during the month for the next Newsletter


Centaur Website Newsletter - January 2024

INDEX: News -- , Checking In -- , Special Request -- , Corections -- , MyPages -- , War Stories -- , Deceased -- , Reunions -- , Reminder --

Note: Past Newsletters: Dec 2023, Nov 2023, Oct 2023, Sep 2023, Aug 2023, Jul 2023, Jun 2023, May 2023, Apr 2023, Mar 2023, Feb 2023, Jan 2023, Dec 2022

--- News ---

Great Success! Great Time! 2023 November Centaur Veteran's Day Reunion Panama City Beach, FL


Update on couples photos to InforSheets
Many thanks from all of us to those responsible for making this happen!


Michael Peake has become an assistant Centaur Webmaster, coding and updating all the Centaur Tail Number pages listed in the War Stories Discussion section and linked to from the Helicopter page. He has completed the OH-23G page (notice the update time is stated at the top). He will be working on all the other Tail Number pages as time permits. Please give Mike a hand by noting any additional info that needs to go up there or possible corrections.

More Reunion After Action Notes from the Centaur Vets Day Reunion Last Month:


Major Update of the Centaur Reunion Page (and more to come). When you go to the Centaur Website and click on the "Reunion" button on the left side, you will be taken to the updated Reunion Information Page. Make note of a couple of things: Some of the Reunions, both Cav and Centaur, have links to fruther information. Roll your mouse over the Reunion Names. If your cursor (pointer) turns into a grabber hand, then that Reunion has a link. Click on it. It will go to a movie, slide show or whatever we could find on that reunion.
Click on the photo of KC Allcock to see his great movie that explains how everything got started.

If you have information or photos of past reunions, please send them in to the Webmaster ( so we can add them.

Use some of this:

When we started the Centaur Newsletter we all agreed that it would not serve any other purpose than preserving the names and information of our Centaur Warriors. That was mostly to keep the workload down and the Newsletter doable. Same rules for the website.

We continue to operate with no formal organization like 501c3, no donations, no sponsors; just basically a "hey you" group with a "pass the hat event" sometimes. Little did we know that our Newsletter, our Website and our Reunions would be so amazingly successful. As of the beginning of December our website has had over 1.1 million hits in 2023. Our annual reunion has grown from 5 Centaurs in 2006 to 80 Centaurs this year. It is a true "Band of Brothers" success story.

The other big factor in our quest is to explain the difference between US Army Divisional Air Cavalry units and other helicopter units in Vietnam. The difference is huge as is fairly explained in the book "Winged Sabres". It was a monumental experiment where the rules and design of the Divisional Air Cavalry Units was written in blood by the men who made it work, sometimes in spite of less enlightened superior officers.

As best we know there was no involvement of the Centaur Units in Lam Son 719. Some of our men may have been involved during a different tour than their Centaur tour. That would be information we could add to their InfoSheets. Let me know if you find any.



Pete Holmberg follow up notes to Radcliffe and AAAA


--- Checking In ---
Get your friends to sign up for the Newsletter

Dave Cox (3/4 Cav News Ltr Editor)....Pete Holmberg (Radcliffe update)...Sandy McLeod (story link)....Ron Cooper.....Koleta Thompson....Matt Jackson....Bill Comeau....Dean Smith.......Chris Burns.....Rick Gorton.....Joe Hoover....


--- Website Corrections/Updates---

Sandy McLeod recommends link from his audio story to Marty Sullivan's new MyPage.

Fix Wayne Moose SS 267 pics

Minor upgrades to these other MyPages ..........


--- MyPages ---

Charlie L."Chuck" Rose CW2 UH-1 Aircraft Commander 1972 Centaur 21.

Ginny and he attended the 2023 Centaur Reunion.






Richard A. Yeager SGT 1972 Armament Specialist now has a draft MyPage and InfoSheet thanks to Brian Harrison and Michael Peake.

Do you remember Richard? How about the name of the Crew Chief in the photo?




Joseph Demayo SP4 Armament Specialist 1972 now has a draft MyPage using a Yearbook photo and a background pic from Lloyd Goldsmith.

Do you remember Joe?




Several new draft MyPages from yearbook

Larich update and info sheet






Peake update and info sheet Pics OH23 coding






--- Deceased ---


Harlan Cooper died 7 Dec 2023








Johnny Gray died 7 Dec 2023








--- Photos ---


--- War Stories ---


--- Reunions ---

Centaur Veteran's Day Reunion November 2024 - To be announced.

We are seeking someone to take on this next reunion as Host. If you are interested we can put you intouch with past Hosts to answer questions and give advice. Keep in mind that these Centaur Reunions are a bit different in that whoever takes it on is totally incharge to run it how they see fit. All decisions are theirs. CIVO and past Hosts will jump in and help as might be requested. The CIVO Webmaster is at your disposal. Any funds left over from the past reunion will be sent to you by the last Host to help defray costs and determine fees.

Next Squadron Reunion: - September 8th to 12th 2024. The next Squadron reunion will be held in San Antonio, TX. This reunion will take place Sunday through Thursday, instead of Wednesday through Sunday as we’ve done in the past, due to the lower room rates available. 2024 Hotel Registration - Our hotel will once again be the Holiday Inn Riverwalk, with the same group of rooms for our meetings and banquet as our last San Antonio reunion.  Our room rate will be $124 per night, plus taxes and is available 3 days prior to and after the above dates, based on availability. The hotel will begin accepting reservations the third week of September 2023.
See last Squadron Newsletter.

David Cox: Here is your NEW group's booking link for the September Squadron Reunion:

3rd Squadron 4th Cavalry

Once you click on the link it will take you to our hotel website, then enter your arrival/ departure dates,
and it will automatically populate your group name and discounted group rate.
You may also call our 24-hour reservation phone number at 210-224-2500, option 2.
If you are calling, please remember to reference your group's block code: SQU
I am at your service should you or any of your guest need any assistance booking their rooms.

David Cox <>
Just a friendly reminder that the last day to make reservations at your group discount will be on: August 6, 2024


For the CIVO Board of Directors,

Bruce Powell, Newsletter Editor and Webmaster of
1031 E Highline Drive, Payson, AZ 85541 (Summer)
11875 S Ironwood Drive, Yuma, AZ 85367 (Winter)



xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx END DRAFT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



..................PENDING - "My Swamp"...........................................

in Jan 2024 ltr publish iPower AWSTATS stuff and status of website

Info obit for Ken Mick??

Add Index of Articles for MyPages: , Beasley, Meeks, Wayne Moose, Peake, Radcliffe, Mike Vaughn

Jim Starling + pics and input Called him 27Oct2023 - Will send stuff

Await pics from John Webster of his dad Robert

Await input from Ron Radcliffe wife Elizabeth - gmail contact. No response so far

Await new contact info from John Spencer - Phoncon

Contact Black Rifle Coffee about their HunterKillerTeam video

Phoncon with CW2 Bob Long A trp 1/9th then D troop Will send pics Calld again 26Aug2023

Upgrade Ed Risner Memoriam page and links

Is Harold B. Swiencki still alive?

Contact Altenhofen and Stenehjem - still around?

Contact John Spencer for input on Ken Davis and Dave Stromberg - Reunion? invite Radcliffe for us? Finally found valid phone number. talked to him 21AUG & 26Aug lft msg

Note that 14 2022 reunion videos are posted in the WS Video section.

Add some Carl Burns Book stories.

Wrong pic on Randy Love page. Ask him for correct one. Also wife? Lives? exact tour dates. Update InfoSheet with his notes.

Possible support for restoration of AAHA Cobra in Mesa, AZ - Dooling

Lynn Mobley will get pics to us for Centaur Friends MyPage

Located photo of LOH 15338 in Jim Messina old website file. Bigger pic on LOH Photos pg

More info? Was this a Centaur Helicopter?

If possible total update of Reunion interactive map

Consider creating a special YOUTUBE presentation to advertize our Centaur Website.

Follow up on this at some point

--- Create Your Own Centaurs & Friends Gathering---

Opportunity to expand our footprint in history:

AH-1G Cobra 295 has been donated to the Phoenix Chapter of the AAHF. $5000 is needed if we want it painted to look like a Centaur Aircraft.

Centaur Director Tom Dooling is honching this volunteer project for us. If you would like to participate or donate, please contact Tom at All money will go directly to the AAHF 501c3 fund which means you will get a tax deductable receipt for any donations.

Anyone interested in helping on this project? Please talk to Tom Dooling at:

CLICK HERE to see more detailed information about this project









...Opportunity Article Continued: More information on the project of painting Cobra 295 with our sharks teeth:

For those of you who attended the Mesa Reunion in November, you got an introduction to the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation (AAHF) Southwest Chapter.  The SW Chapter have a total of 11 Vietnam era helicopters, about half of which either are or will be flyable (used for exhibitions and giving rides).  They are part of a national organization ( 

 They have recently taken over the restoration of a MOD S Cobra (Cobra 295) that they will be converting into a G Model configuration - and it will be one of their flyable aircraft.  They are still a ways from completing the restoration (2-3 years), depending on how many volunteers are willing to work on it and how much money they collect for the parts, etc., needed for replacement/refurbishment.

 In talking with Dave Sale (the AAHF SW Chapter VP), I queried him on what it would take to have the Centaur Teeth and doghouse Centaur logo on the aircraft.  On the Huey that they just completed the restoration, another unit that was call sign Spartan donated $5,000 to have the aircraft sport their nose art.  He said that if we contributed $5,000, they would paint the “G” model in our scheme (teeth and Centaur).

 I am working with the guy at AAHF that has done all of their aircraft painting (for those at the reunion, he did the entire paint job on the Sand Shark that was at the CAF), and he said he would love to do our paint scheme.

 The “Charter” of the “Centaurs in Vietnam” organization has always included an approach that we would not ask members to donate to our organization – and with the exception of collecting money for our reunions, have remained true to that approach – and this proposal does not violate that portion of our charter – no money will be collected by CIVO.  However, our Mission Statement is: Gather, record & provide a modern presentation of the history of the Centaur unit in Vietnam.

 My proposal is that in furtherance of our Mission Statement, it would be really cool to have a G Model Cobra flying around and going to shows/giving rides that represents Centaurs by wearing our paint scheme.   To that end, I would like to see if as a group of individual Centaurs, we would like to contribute to the AAHF specifically for the purpose of helping them in their refurbishment of Cobra 295 in exchange for having it painted with our colors. The AAHF is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit public education foundation, so any donation may be tax deductible.  

 AAHF already has their website set up to take donations for specific projects of which the “Cobra 295 Restoration” is one, so we would not have to collect the $$ ourselves, each member could just donate directly and I will track the donations from our group to ensure we get credit toward the paint job.

 If you would like to make a donation, you can do it online by going to , select the Donate Now tab at the top, and the screen below will appear.  Click on the “Choose an Option” box and a dropdown menu appears the includes different areas for the donation to be used (see second graphic below). Select the “Cobra 295 Restoration” and make a donation amount in the block.  The website will take you through the next steps to complete your donation.  Once you have received the acknowledgement of your donation, please forward the acknowledgement email to me ( for tracking purposes.  I will not share any information on individual donations, but will report to the Centaur organization via the monthly newsletter the totals of our donations.

 Again, this is completely voluntary and does not have any impact on the Centaurs in Vietnam Website.  The only real connection is that there will be a Cobra flying around to airshows that is painted in the scheme that we as a group were proud of as part of our heritage.  Plus supporting another group (AAHF) in helping to represent the history of our Vietnam experience is probably a good thing to do!!!

Need to go thru all of this someday

Ken Rucki? Get photos and info for Dennis Piper (phone call) and current of Rucki. Maybe a current of Bill Byers

Follow up on Leo C. Rice contact from Larry Richardson

Upgrade of Richard "Frenchie" Bernier MyPage - photo album? No word back from him yet 28Oct2022

Discussion page for 20 minute fuel warning light. Mattison

Use photo of Suoi Da Assault 1966 to talk about Suoi Da and Suoi Da Airstrip now under water. Find Airstrip pic with weapons cache from LZ Gold. Early 67 with OH-23

Should we say anything about our world wide stats, charts?

Gordon Eatley will work on his 8mm movie for captions. Tower is Water tower being built.

Cobra down war story by Russ Mattison Meeks/Moose - the real story. Wolfe, Gabrielson

Richard Quantas dead??

This is not T Berry: Karn note 29 JUN: YES there was a second black enlisted man that joined the scouts before I left.   I don't recall his name.  I remember flying with him once and he didn't like the CS gas that we threw and then flew through.   And yes,  he wasn't any "T -berry".

Tyrone T. Thornsberry "T Berry" SP4 LOH Door Gunner/Observer 1969 now has a draft MyPage and an MP1 using a John Evans photo of Evans, Kreil and Tyrone, with their LOH "SNAFU"

Bruce Karn remembers Thornsberry as his LOH Observer. He could fly quite well from the left seat. see story

Email to Gaylen Randell 66-67 for photos. we have infosheet.

Edmond Manville not found??

1May2022 NOTES Phoncon Reggie Slater:

Fix your email. Have him talk to friends Richard Dennison and Jim Wells. Send pics and info to me. Come to Nov reunion and do videos. Wells was in auto accident and not doing well. Is in photo with Col Pete in the book. He talked to Beasley (throat cancer) who is doing better. Reggie was looking for someone from his 66 tour year going to the DC Reunion. No one was and he has had some health problems. He said the videos I did for him helped him tremendously in his life. I told him to tell that to his buddies and get them to me at the Nov reunion. We will see if that works. Told him about Carl and Ruth Ann Burns health problems

Bob Acker Photos to website - update An Duc War Story - pics to Aircraft Tail number sections (links) and Helicopter photos section

661 494 and 659 pics and info

Info Sheet for Mike Reed

Contact Jerry Shelton in Hawaii. His email is rejected. Phone #no good 2Apr2022. Email to Jerry Shelton used to work now does not. Phone # bad Hawaii

Get current pic from Randy Love

14Apr2022: Bill Boyd called me: His son building a small house behind his for him to live. Moving right now, but will get me some info notes and check out the photos on website. He remembers Ponzillo’s note recruiting new guys. Bill was in Field Artillery. Was not ranger or airbore qualified.Gave new Gmail.

Updates - find Marty Sullivan

Frank Walker video - edit and post - no longer on YouTube

CW2 Larry M. Dau LOH Pilot 1970-71 Awaiting info for MyPage. sent him email 11Jan22 --Followed up Fri night - left phone msg at  (702) 498-7849 28Jan. Tried again 9Apr.

WO Larry J. Kastanek Feb 70-71 Gunpilot D/F left phone message. 18Apr (785) 770-7565 lft msg

Find: Terry R. Bleed (sent email), Marty Sullivan, Melvin Locke, mentioned in McLeod audio

Find Melvin W. Locke Jr. 1LT 1970 Pasadina - mentioned in McLeod audio - call

Find Silver Star citation for Joe Don Ramey

...Nicholas, Sellers and Laird SS or Albums - check for possible MP's or myPages

...Review slides and photo albums for guys we have photos on but no links. Create rough draft MyPages.

...Found email Jun 2003 to Dow from CW2 William R. Cooper. Sparrow's hootchmate. 1971-72 Slicks. Been getting News ltr. Send contact email

...Add link to Creeping Jesus in aircraft photos section

Brian Bledsoe- can you add comments to Byrd's slideshow photos?

Possible project: Have some time? Want to help with the Centaur Website? Don't know crap about computers?
Then try this: Centaur Website Projects for Dummies - Lesson 1
- Identifying photos: Lesson 2 ?, 3? etc. Publish to Help Section

Awaiting picture captions from Eric Brethen

Do a redsign of website: Call Signs, Discussions, Glossary and other hard things to find: create buttons at top of Help page and maybe on homepage.

Awaiting stuff from Jim McPeak?

Add discussion page for 1967 Bob Hope show. Find Star Stripes article. Add comments from Fleming

awaiting Susan Gassaway article (Pappy Jones wife) aug2021

Need to add History page for 2.75 rocket pods (M200) etc

Doug Olsen talked to Dennis Pfoor who said he would be contacting me soon. Nov

Nebraska Vietnam Memorial - Moore, Brosh

Jack Kenneth Swinehart 1947-2015. Find a grave. Is this our guy?

Add Discussion Page Volunteers - A Troop to D Troop (Air) as Door Gunners- 1967 find Fleming note

Consider publishing the 3/17 web page describing who was assigned to whom. Try to get answers for the Centaurs. http:/ Otherwise comparable to "Who's on First" by Abbott and Costello. Get input from past commanders and Bob Graham. The main website with index is http:/ dead email address?

Awaiting email from Harry Swiencki about his awards. Assemble his DFC

Consider a piece about Do No Harm doctrine. Encourage all the gory details, particularily to get it off your chest, knowing that the CIVO Board reviews all input to the website to insure that our doctrine of "do no harm to our fellow Centaurs". Yes, we know we had a few genuinely bad people and some good people who made bad decisions. We will tell the stories for history, but not judge or brand those individuals.

We are providing a place where you can vent the frustrations, guilt, anger and remorse you have been carrying for 40 or 50 years, to a group of dedicated Centaurs who have walked in your shoes. We will listen, we will talk, we will edit for the web as necessary.

Acts of Cowardice, Criminal, Inexperience, Arrogance or Stupidity should be discussed to help us all finally get it out. Do it for your mental well being, not for vengence or revenge. Get some closure. It was war. We can forgive most anything, but only you can forgive yourself. Do it and know some peace for whatever time you have left.

more photos due in from David Whitley

Ronald Dean Hoagland tina cook Feb Newsletter .....rejected at this email posted in last newsletter
2LT VHPA F Trp 1971

Gerald L. "Jerry" Wright 1LT pilot Centaur 24 Jan to Jun 1967 sent him welcome email

Reference our War Story Hunter Crew and Rescue Crew KIA: ??

will send pics

Update Odom and Rogers rescue movies to include marty lalli. add links.

Pending:Jeff Lemr His daughter "Jill" contacted us. Add to Newsletter list. Get her in contact with Bill Witt. Frm Witt (10Sep): ">Bruce, Thanks for the reply. I pray Jeff will contact his Daughter however, he has a hard time getting in touch with his feelings. The only time he seems free is playing his guitar. There is a Vet Center here that has a "Combat Stress Management Guitar Group" hopefully, I can get him to go with me. Might need to say something about Jeff Lemr and daughter getting together after 12yrs if that happens.

Jan 3, 12:59 PM from Hamilton.
to Frank, Carl, Carl, Thomas, Bain, Pat, Tom, Brian, Jim, Gary, Nick, Mike, Charlie, John, Jerry, me
Yes, the Designation was D 3/4 Cav until the 2nd Bde 25th was ordered to stand down and return to Hawaii. We thought we would go with them until I received orders that we would not redeploy and would be designated an independent air cav troop, F Troop, 4th U. S. Cavalry. My kids back home really got a kick out of that. Daddy commanded F Troop like on TV.

Awaiting: Rich Williams checks in. need MyPage. Has "Fall in well" comments Altenhofen emailed him 28Dec called him 22 feb 2020 left msg

Awaiting:Bruce Hinds sending Boonie Hat stuff.

Awaiting: CW2 Richard "Rocky" Reed input 15 Sep 2019 He has never answered. Maybe Eric Brethen can get ahold of him. email 5 Dec 2021

Awaiting:James "Mike" Richey info. Photos and text. Added "Mike" to MyPage

ACTION Needed:Pat Lacy? Gilley - Not listed on the Centaur Roster (Spelling maybe?) Photo 50 Can you name the guys in photo 52 with the dog Gunner? Jerry Caldwell, SSG Photos 57
Roosevelt Martin, SSG Photo 57


25th Div Flash publcation? Should we link to it? Can we?