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Info Sheet - Robert Allen Warner
Killed In Action 30 January 1968
Comments by Bill Altenhofen, Herman Witt, Dwight Birdwell, John Moore

See story Battle of the Hobo Woods - 68

Warner, Robert Allen, SSG - Husband of Rosemarie Warner, Grand Rapids, MI
Last Service Branch: Quartermaster Corps
Last Primary MOS: 57E-Laundry And Bath Specialist
Date of birth:   01/21/1941
Service Years: 1958 - 1968

Robert is buried at Rosedale Memorial Park in Grand Rapids, MI.
 Service:         Army of the United States
 Grade at loss:   E5
 Rank:            Staff Sergeant
 Note:            Posthumous Promotion as indicated
 ID No:           16601039
 MOS:             57E40: Laundry And Bath Specialist
 Length Service: 10
 Unit:            D TRP, 3RD SQDN, 4TH CAVALRY, 25TH INF DIV, USARV
 Start Tour:      01/11/1967
 Incident Date:   01/30/1968
 Casualty Date:   01/30/1968
 Age at Loss:     27
 Location:        Binh Duong Province, South Vietnam
 Remains:         Body recovered
 Casualty Type:   Hostile, died outright
 Casualty Reason: Ground casualty
 Casualty Detail: Gun or small arms fire
Vietnam Wall Panel coords 35E 083

Bill Altenhofen: said that Warner came to D Troop from C Troop. One of his buddies there is a freedom rider. Bill suggested we contact C Troop on the chance that someone there may remember either Warner or his Freedom Rider friend and be able to provide more information or photos. He thought that Warner was originally assigned to Graves Registration, as his primary MOS.

Herman Witt (D Troop): I remember when he come to D-TRP. He extended his tour for six month to be a Door Gunner However, he wound up in the Rifle Platoon. I believe this was his first and last mission as a D-TRP Member R.I.P My Brother.
June 29

Dwight Birdwell (C Troop): He was in C Troop, in a line platoon, and transferred to D Troop, to be a part of the rifle platoon. I do not recall anything about being a door gunner. The QM thing baffles me. as that was not his thing in C Troop. He had children he dearly loved' Thank you for making this photo available.
June 29

John R. Moore (A Troop & 3/4 Cav Webmaster):
The Coffelt database is showing him as a 57E40 Laundry & Bath Specialist which is a Quartermaster MOS. That would have been his primary MOS at time of death based on his service record. He had been in the Army 10 years. He had been in country 1 year & 20 days.

Dwight Birdwell of C Troop says Warner was in one of the line platoons in C Troop and extended 6 months to go to D Trp.

The QM thing is anyone's guess. My speculation is that maybe as part of the extension or maybe a re-enlistment he reup-ed to become a 57E40. Here is the description of the MOS: Skill Level 4 MOSC 57E4O. Determines requirements and adequacy of laundry and shower activities and prepares operational plan to meet requirements. Establishes, evaluates, and monitors unit training and preventive maintenance programs. Consolidates production reports and schedules.