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Info Sheet - CPL Todd R. Jackson

Killed in Action 29 January 1968

at the Battle of the Hobo Woods

Herman "Bill" Witt: Todd and I became close friends. We were both from Wisconsin he from Manitowoc, and I from Milwaukee. Todd introduced me to Spam you know that canned meat they created for and around WWII. Well it became our favorite treat when we were in basecamp.

Todd also taught me how to play chess, we played a lot, at least every chance we got. I do believe the closest I came to betting him was a stalemate.

Even though it was only two and a half months that we served together before he was KIA on 29 January 1968, I shall never forget him.

I had a Son born in January 1976 the same month that Todd R Jackson was KIA, I named my Son Todd in honor of him. R.I.P My Best Friend and Trooper Brother. Until we meet again, I shall keep your memory alive. Prepared and Loyal to the end.