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Scholarships for Centaur Families

see 25th ID Scholarship Program and 3/4 Cav Association Scholarship Program - Nov 2021

A famiy member, of a Centaur who is in good standing with 25th Infantry Division and 3/4 Cavalry Associations (i.e. dues for each organization paid for at least one year), may apply for a Scholarship. (see application)

1. There is only one Scholarship Program. It is the 25th Infantry Division Scholarship Program. It includes all Centaurs and families. It belongs totally to the 25th Inf Div Association. Beginning in Jan of each year, they will begin receiving Scholarship Applications.

2. The 3/4 Cav Association does not have a separate program but funnels money's to the 25th Div to represent all 3/4 Cav and Centaurs (D and F Troops).

3. 3/4 Cav (and all F Troop, 4th Regiment guys) who have been dues paying members of both the 25th Inf Div and 3/4 Cav Associations for a year can submit relatives for a scholarship.

4. Members in good standing can create a special scholarship award for a named person by donating $1000 or more. They can stipulate whether the award goes to a Centaur, a 3/4 Cav related person or any qualified person of the 25th Inf Division.

5. There is currently no way for individuals to send in smaller donations to be accumulated until $1000 reached, for a specific "by name" award. This might be done by one individual who personally collects the donations until reaching $1000, then he/she sends that to the 25th Div through the 3/4 Cav Association.

6. Individual donations under $1000 will go to the 25th Div thru the 3/4 Cav Association to be awarded as the 25th Div Scholarship Committee decides.

7. Those qualified troopers who wish to submit a relative for a scholarship may do so using the forms provided by the 25th Inf Div. The applications must be postmarked no later than the last day of February each year..

8. Selection Procedure:
The 25th Inf Div Assn Scholarship Committee is comprised of 3 people. They rank order about 24 or more applicants each year. One member of the committee is a 3/4 Cav Trooper.

The top applicant, number one rank, receives the $1500.00 Murray Award. The next nine or more receive a scholarship of $1000 each. These can be named.

As these applicants are ranked by the 25th Div committee, the Chapter Points of Contact are notified of the rankings, ie 3/4 Cav, Wolfhound, Bobcats, 1-14th Inf. An applicant who has a strong Chapter has a higher opportunity to receive a nomination.

The Committee coordinates with Chapter POCs and notifys them of the applicants order of priority. The Chapters are able to identify the priority of the order of their unit's applicants.

The biggest filter for getting your application considered is your ability to do it correctly. Any application received after the post marked date is trashed. Any application that is not completely filled out is trashed. Any application received that was not complete is not even forwarded from the 3/4 Cav to the 25th Div Committee.

9. The 3rd Squadron 4th Cavalry Chapter has contributed well over $41,000 to the scholarship program since 1993.

10. To download an application go to the 3/4 Cav Website, click on Scholarship Program and click on 25th IDA Scholarship page. (or Click Here).

FINAL NOTE: Please read everything in the PDF file before filling out the application.

Thanks to Bob Bingham, the 3/4 Cav Tresurer, for explaining all the details to us. bap