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War Stories

Supply Clerk Captured



Vol 2 - No - 11 December 1967

DAU TIENG - Firing a grease gun down through the bran49ches at a fleeing Viet Cong, the 2nd Bn (mech), 22nd Inf commander, LTC A. G. Norris of Lagrange, Ga., captured an enemy supply clerk while flying a routine recon mission in his OH-23 Observation Helicopter.

The "Triple Deuces" were sweeping the Michelin Rubber Plantation near Dau Tieng when Norris and CPT Samuel R. Noto, the 3rd Bde., 25th Inf Div artillery liaison officer, spotted two men riding a bicycle through the plantation. When pilot WO1 Patrick Bilyk of Pittsburgh, Pa., was ordered to sweep low over the road one of the men broke and ran.

The man ran from thicket to thicket in an attempt to get away, but each time a burst of fire from the trailing helicopter moved him closer to the clearing. When they reached the clearing the chopper landed and Norris secured the 100 pound prisoner and put him on his lap for the ride back to base camp.
The PW had 10,000 piasters on him and had been instructed to buy dried fish for the Phu Loi Battalion.
Following their CO's lead, the next day Charlie Co apprehended three enemy personnel who were transporting rice back to the same enemy group.
Somewhere there's a battalion of hungry Viet Cong that plan to stay out of the way of the Triple Deuces in the future.