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War Stories

Men Needed For 25th's LRRP Det



Vol 2 - No 41 - 16 Oct 1967

Enlisted and officer personnel are being sought for a Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) Detachment being formed by the 25th Inf Div.

Volunteers will make up the LRRP Detachment, assigned to the 3d Sqdn, 4th Cav

Desirable prerequisites for the volunteers are: Ranger Recondo School, Jungle Training School; excellent physical condition; above average knowledge of map reading and at least eight months left in the command, unless the volunteer is Recondo School trained with six months remaining on his tour.

Two armor or infantry lieutenants are needed to be LRRP leaders. They must have at least one month of combat experience and seven months remaining on their present tour.

Officer interviews may be arranged with the G1, Cu Chi 101/121 or Lightning 1.
Required for patrol from enlisted personnel are: six E-6 to be patrol leaders, 24 E-4 to be IS radio operators; and eight E-5 to be assistant patrol leaders.

In the communications section there is a need for one E-5 as chief RTT operator; one E-5 as senior field radio repairman; one E-4 to be a field radio mechanic, eight E-4 as IS radio operators; and two E-4 to be RTT operators.
Interviews for volunteers with the grade and MOS for the enlisted openings may be arranged by contacting the chief of the AG Personnel Management Division, Cu Chi 229.