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War Stories

Ground Rolling a Gunship

John "Willi" Williams

This is Willi's recollection of an incident involving Paul Davidson, gunship door gunner,

and another incident involving sticky Vietnam mud.

Date: December 1966

I'm thinking this happened in Dec. '66. I think it was Don Goode who was sitting on top of a large bunker out in the 'Corral' with me, watching a gunship fire team go into the refuel and rearm area.

The gunship started to act funny after refueling. It looked like they were having a hard time lifting off. As it turns out their right skid was stuck in the mud and when the pilot gave it the old college try, using the "power over procedure" method, the aircraft rolled over onto it's right side. I know Paul Davidson was gunner on that one and for some reason I think the mess Sgt. had gone out with them. I do remember running over there and finding Paul buried under ammo boxes with the Mess Sgt standing on the boxes.

Paul just about drowned that day.