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War Stories

Thank You CPT Yood- 1971

Kenneth Wiegand

I think this is how the story went. The CO called me to his office to inform me that LT Leister, the Blues Platoon Leader, was going home and he needed a platoon leader. I was selected because I was a senior CPT (7-8 months in grade). But as I reminded the CO, I was an Armor Officer, not Infantry to which he responded, that he needed the leadership and the guys would train me quick enough.

Now, I don’t know how CPT Rick Yood found out I was being offered the position – which I did not want – but he showed up in protest claiming that he had one day’s date-of-rank on me and wanted the job.

I remember thinking or saying something like, “Yes, he wants the job! CPT Yood is senior and I think he would make a find platoon leader, after all, he in Infantry!” Yood told me later that he wanted the job to earn a CIB, which for an infantry officer is understandable.

In that moment, I got religious and thanked God for CPT Yood and the Army’s CIB!