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OH-23G Scout "Raven"

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The Raven used Hiller's "Rotor-Matic" cyclic control system, with two small servo rotor paddles offset 90 degrees to the two bladed main rotor system. The paddles were attached to the control column, so that movement of the column would cause the pitch of the servo paddles to change, loading the main rotor blade so that the desired cyclic changes to the rotor occurred.[3] It had a metal two-bladed tail rotor and could seat three people. The powerful Lycoming O-540-9A six-cylinder, horizontally opposed, air-cooled 305 hp, mogas engine, allowed it to reach a top speed of 97 mph (84 knots). It could include two m-60 machine guns on the skids but there was much debate about that.

Note: 231 OH-23G's served during the war. 97 were lost. 12 pilots & 14 crewmembers were KIA (VHPA)


Raven 1