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Name Tour Code People or Events in Audio
Fleming, Tom 67-68 tef01A Operation - 3 KIA/39 VC killed; aircraft & parts availability
Fleming, Tom 67-68 tef02A Horizontal rain; Ditches in area fill up; Route to flight line flooded; Roommate to Vung Tau; LRRPs in Filhol Plantation
Fleming, Tom 67-68 tef03A This is where we put a summary of significant items in the audio, as was done with the two previous audios. It can be longer than the tow examples above
Fleming, Tom 67-68 tef04A Listing of all 8 of Flemings audios for review, more editing, and possible combination. Also need "People or Event" comments paragraph for each final audio piece
Fleming, Tom 67-68 tef05A
Fleming, Tom 67-68 tef06A
Fleming, Tom 67-68 tef07A  
Fleming, Tom 67-68 tef08A  
Powell, Bruce 67-68 bap01A  
Powell, Bruce 67-68 bap02A  
Powell, Bruce 67-68 bap03A  
Powell, Bruce 67-68 bap04A  
Powell, Bruce 67-68 bap05A  
Powell, Bruce 67-68 bap06A    
Powell, Bruce 67-68 bap07A  
Powell, Bruce 67-68 bap08A  
Taylor, Bob 67-68 Sabre Charlie 6 Gun Support Mission - Rick Williams/Bill Shaffer

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