Harlan Gray Sparrow III

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1. This is a photo of the scout crew chief for Mortimer, (KIA) receiving an award for his efforts to save him. SP4 Glenn "Randy" Nicholas.
2. This is maintenance crew chief that used to fly with me when I recovered aircraft. Don't remember his name.
3. This is one of the scout crew chiefs. Don't remember his name.
4. This looks like a picture of me and my garden that I grew while in Lai Khe
5. This is me and one of the aircraft I flew.
6. This is me playing pool while in flight school.
7. This is one of the scout crew chiefs.
8. This is scout pilot Terry Bleed.
9. Don't remember this person.
10. This is me holding one of the local workers baby while visiting them in Lai Khe.
11. This appears to be a picture of me in flight school. Can't tell for sure.
12. This is one of our scout pilots. Don't remember his name.
13. This was taken at Ft. Rucker during flt. sch. I believe this was Robetella.
14. This appears to be me (on the rt.) reading the checklist for practice during flt. sch.
15. This appears to be a photo taken during flt. sch.. Don't know who they are.
16. This looks like a photo taken at Vung Thau. Spelling challenged. Don't know who this is.
17. This is a picture of me and several of my classmates taken when we firt arrived in VN. I am on the lower left.
18. Cobra at Lai Khe.
19. Same again.
20. More.
21. Even more.
22. One of the Loaches I used to fly.
23. This was the loach I flew the most and named it after the Russian ballet. Why the russian named ballet, just to be different.
24. Another one of our loaches.
25. Still another.
26. One of our loaches in flt.
27. One of our slicks.
28. This is probably of some of us doing repelling at a fire base, because we were bored. We got our asses chewed by the CO. who said if we had gotten hurt there was no one to fly the aircraft back. Didn't feel any love from the CO that day...LOL.
29. Medivacs at Phu Loi, I think.
30. This is probably our maintenance hangar located at Sanford air field in Long Bihn.
31. This looks like a shot of some hangars at Sanford air field.
32. Caribou airplane landing, probably at Phu Loi.
33. CH-47 probably at Ft. Rucker.
34. Ft. Rucker.
35. This could be our barracks at Long Binh. Not sure.
36. Looks like the same again from a different angle.
37. Once more.
38. Again.
39. This is a shot of the general's quarters near Long Binh area. We weren't suppose to take pictures. They didn't want anyone to know how good they had it compared to the rest of the troops.
40. Another angle shot of what I think was our quarters.
41. Not sure, I think this could be Binh Hoa. air field.
42. Not sure, could be a shot of the air field at Vung Thai.
43. Don't know.
44. Don't know
45. Don't know
46. Could be a big cemetery near Saigon.
47. Don't know.
48. This is probably a house on one of the rubber tree plantations.
49. This looks like a picture of Nui Bo din (spelling). We knew it as the Black Virgin.
50. Same again.
51. Again.
52. Again.
53. Looks like Vung Tau.
54. Same again.
55. Again.
56. Looks like Saigon, not sure.
57. Same again.
58. Don't know.
59. Don't know.
60. Don't know.
61. Pease sign some soldiers/engineers made somewhere.
62. Air field and rubber tree plantation house somewhere.
63. Don't know.
64. Don't know.
65. Looks like a picture of an old bombing drop area.
66. I believe this is a 1st division emblem carved out by some engineers before they left the area. This got a lot of attention, not all good.
67. Could be a shot taken in Saigon. Not sure.
68. Not sure, could be a bar or one of the local massage parlors.
69. Don't know.
70. Don't know.
71. Don't know.
72. Don't know.
73. Don't know.
74. The lady worked on base at Lai Khe doing cleaning. This appears to be her family. She was a very nice lady.
75. I this is the rest of her family.
76. Don't know.
77. Don't know.
78. Don't know.
79. Looks like a restaurant in Vung Thai (spelling).
80. Don't know.
81. This was a very good restaurant in Vung Thai.
82. Looks like the beach at Vung Thai.
83. This lady worked at the clinic in Lai Khe for Doc. She was a very sweet girl.
84. Another picture of the lady who worked in Lai Khe.