Michael "Mike" Peake

MP-001 Tan My, looking north.

MP-002 Main gate looking south.

MP-003 Flag at half-staff for President L. B. Johnson. Orderly room far right, officers' hootch center, enlisted hootch left.

MP-004 Second floor aircrew enlisted hooch looking west to officers' hooch.

MP-005 Lagoon southern perimeter.

MP-006 Lagoon southern perimeter.

MP-007 Lagoon southern perimeter.

MP-008 Lagoon southern perimeter.

MP-009 Southern perimeter looking toward Naval Station.

MP-010 Southern perimeter looking toward Naval Station.

MP-011 Southern perimeter looking due west.

MP-012 Front of enlisted hootch. Orderly Room in background...peace out, dude!

MP-013 Fly the Friendly Skies.

MP-014 House of pleasure?

MP-015 Looking north toward Huey/Loach flight line.

MP-016 Selfie before selfies were cool...

MP-017 Looking northeast toward Cobra flight line.

MP-018 Outbound Loach heading east.

MP-019 Cobra flight line beyond the wire.

MP-020 Huey coming home.

MP-021 Huey coming in - note Strella Suppression kit installed-F Troop was first to receive the anti-missile kits. Defense against the SA-7 surface to air missile.

MP-022 Tan My Cobra flight line looking east.

MP-023 Flight line looking west. Rocket conex to right.

MP-024 Flight line looking west with incoming Snake.

MP-025 Flight line looking west with incoming Snake.

MP-026 Center on your subject.

MP-027 Back to the nest.

MP-028 Coming in for hot re-arm...nothing like a little sandblasting...

MP-029 Hot re-arm pad at east end of flight line.

MP-030 Unknown mechanic/driver always drove armorers/crew chiefs out to the Cobras coming in.

MP-031 Cobra at rest.

MP-032 May be one of the original Cobras from Troop D, 3rd/4th Air Cavalry

MP-033 Almost like I know what I'm doing...M134 7.62 Minigun side of the M28A1 Cobra turret.

MP-034 The M129 40mm grenade launcher-rate of fire 420 rounds per minute-drum capacity 300 rounds.

MP-035 Rearming the M195 20mm cannon on Cobra 69-16439 that saw service as a M35 Subsystem Super Scout since 1970.

MP-036 Shoving them home on right side of Aircraft 439.

MP-037 Pre-flight crew

MP-038 Dan Troop. Later became a KISS fan and Jean Simmons impersonator.

MP-039 Capture NVA ammo dump waiting for the deep-six.

MP-040 Dragging out spiked 19th or 18th Century cannon. Possibly 12-pounder.

MP-041 Another of our unknown mechanics/drivers.

MP-042 Sgt. Trotter's catch of the day. Gentleman (right) was Korean honcho operator of Tan My "facilities."

MP-043 Had enough room in downstairs EM hootch for bar. Armorer Perryman(?) on the right, Cobra crewchief left.

MP-044 Young and dumb. Wasn't alone either.

MP-045 Wall hangings.

MP-046 Evening coming from the eastern guard bunker.

MP-047 Evening coming from the eastern guard bunker.

MP-048 I believe the guy standing is Sgt. Yeager.

MP-049 View I believe of Highway 1.

MP-050 Believe Highway 1.

MP-051 Into the valley-Ashau

MP-052 Ashau

MP-053 Ashau

MP-054 I was told T54 knocked out by our 20mm Cobra. Rocket hits as well

MP-055 Unknown.

MP-056 Unknown.

MP-057 Unknown.

MP-058 Unknown.

MP-059 I was told Laos-Vietnam border marker.

MP-060 Unknown.

MP-061 Firebase.

MP-062 Firebase.

MP-063 Approaching Camp Evans.

MP-064 Circling SVN O-1 Bird Dog at Evans

MP-065 Bird Dog armed with 3 rockets-bloodstain on tarmac.

MP-066 Bird Dog-bloodstain on tarmac.

MP-067 Camp Evans.

MP-068 Unknown firebase.

MP-069 Camp Eagle.

MP-070 Captured D-74 122mm cannon at Camp Eagle.

MP-071 PT76 at Camp Eagle-Amphibious recon tank with 76mm main gun.

MP-072 SVN M113 APCs.

MP-073 M48 tank.

MP-074 Active firebase.

MP-075 ARVN basic training.

MP-076 Only knew him as Dago-he stole the flag.

MP-077 Enroute to Da Nang.

MP-078 Enroute to Da Nang.

MP-079 Enroute to Da Nang.

MP-080 Rice paddies.

MP-081 Rice paddies.

MP-082 Rice paddies around burial grounds.

MP-083 Fishtraps.

MP-084 Harvesting kelp.

MP-085 Water buffalo.

MP-086 Higgins type boat.

MP-087 Destroyed bridge on the Perfume River?

MP-088 Pontoon across Perfume River?

MP-089 Possibly HuÈ area.

MP-090 Possibly HuÈ area.

MP-091 Possibly HuÈ area.

MP-092 Possibly HuÈ area.

MP-093 Cemetery Da Nang region.

MP-094 Da Nang region.

MP-095 Da Nang region.

MP-096 Da Nang region.

MP-097 Da Nang region.

MP-098 Rice paddies.

MP-099 System of fish traps.

MP-100 Loach remains at Da Nang.

MP-101 Loach remains at Da Nang.

MP-102 Huey remains at Da Nang.

MP-103 Marine Sikorsky CH-3 Jolly Green at Da Nang.

MP-104 AC-119 (Shadow/Stinger) landing at Da Nang.

MP-105 Loach in front of AC-119 at Da Nang.

MP-106 Huey landing at Da Nang.

MP-107 Navy Grumman C-1A Trader #136773 of Fleet Tactical Support Squadron VRC-50.

MP-108 C130 on the Da Nang runway.

MP-109 C130 on the Da Nang runway.

MP-110 C130 departing Da Nang runway.

MP-111 Marine F-4s of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron VMFA-25 coming in at Da Nang.

MP-112 Marine F-4s of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron VMFA-25 coming in at Da Nang.

MP-113 Marine F-4s of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron VMFA-25 coming in at Da Nang.

MP-114 Marine F-4s of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron VMFA-25 coming in at Da Nang.

MP-115 Cobra coming in at Da Nang.

MP-116 Marine F-4s coming in at Da Nang.

MP-117 Marine F-4s coming in at Da Nang.

MP-118 Rear view Marine F-4--armorers at work.

MP-119 Wingless Grumman A-6 Intruder at Da Nang.

MP-120 Marine McDonnell Douglas A-4E Skyhawk of the Greyhounds Marine Attack Squadron VMA-211, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, at Da Nang.

MP-121 Tân My live-fire demonstration by Loach.

MP-122 Tân My live-fire demonstration spectators from the berm.

MP-123 Tân My live-fire demonstration by Loach.

MP-124 Tân My live-fire demonstration.

MP-125 Tân My live-fire demonstration.

MP-126 Tân My live-fire demonstration.

MP-127 Tân My live-fire demonstration.

MP-128 Tân My live-fire demonstration by three Cobras firing rockets.

MP-129 Tân My live-fire demonstration.

MP-130 Tân My live-fire demonstration.

MP-131 Tân My live-fire demonstration.

MP-132 Tân My live-fire demonstration.

MP-133 Tân My live-fire demonstration.

MP-134 Tân My live-fire demonstration.

MP-135 Tân My live-fire demonstration.

MP-136 Tân My live-fire demonstration.

MP-137 Tân My live-fire demonstration.

MP-138 Tân My live-fire demonstration.

MP-139 Tân My live-fire demonstration.

MP-140 Day over.

MP-141 Back in the world with the Screaming Eagles.