SSG Patrick Lacy - LRRP


r1-0 Larry McIntosh with our pet monkey
r1-1 Young kids outside Cu Chi
r1-2 Entrance to a bunker complex
r1-3 Lister bag after a mortar attack
r1-4 Albert Pruden and Bobby Pearce after a mortar attack
r1-5 Presidential Palace in Saigon
r1-6 Vietnam Countryside
r1-7 Young girls in Saigon
r1-8 yellow smoke waiting for extraction
r1-9 green smoke from a Mech Unit for resupply
r1-10 Walter Hand at Vung Tao
r1-11 Larry McIntosh practice repelling
r1-12 Bobby Newton and some troops
r1-13 Results of a mortar & rocket attack
r1-14 Saigon
r1-15 USO Tour had lunch with VP
r1-16 Aerial view of war zone C near Cambodia
r1-17 Dennis Noga recovering after a GSW near his lung
r1-18 Results of rocket
r1-19 ABC War Reporter (Ann Morresy) interviews one of my team members Albert Pruden
r1-20 Results of a helluva windstorm
r1-21 Suspected VC prisoner
r1-22 Windstorm opened roof
r1-23 Windstorm damage
r1-24 Those poor devils M113
r1-25 Aerial view of countryside it looks tranquil
r1-26 Dennis Noga again
r1-27 Another photo of our monkey drinking Black Label beer
r1-28 Larry McIntosh at Recondo School
r1-29 C-47 working the area we just had an emergency extraction from
r1-30 Another look at all of those bullets
r1-31 CPT Joseph Lacy (no relationship) our LRRP CDR
r1-32 Nice photo of SSG Bobby Newton my first patrol leader
r1-33 That’s me (handsome right?)
r1-34 Don’t know
r1-35 500 lb bomb will put a nice swimming pool in your backyard
r1-36 B-52 strike in Hobo woods outside our base camp
r1-37 Local Folks
r1-38 Hooch get together good old PBRs
r1-39 Pat Lacy, Larry McIntosh, & Bobby Newton
r1-40 That wind and rain storm kicked our ass
r1-41 Aerial view of Cu Chi
r1-42 LT Traxler our first CO of the LRRP Unit
r1-43 Countryside
r1-44 Somewhere in War Zone C
r1-45 More windstorm results
r1-46 Looks like a tornado hit us
r1-47 Albert Pruden & ABC Reporter Ann Morresy
r1-48 L to R Beasley, Crew Chief Hamil J. Millsaps, Jr., McIntosh, Newton, Lounsbury, Pruden
r1-49 Nice shot of a mad minute
r1-50 Part of my team with a couple of newbies, standing L to R Gilley, Lacy, lower McIntosh & Call
r1-51 Lacy, McIntosh, Newton
r1-52 Another Hooch get together with our dog Gunner and some of the guys
r1-53 Walking down a high speed trail in War Zone C. Point man Clinton Lounsbury, RTO Larry McIntosh, observer Albert Pruden
r1-54 A couple of VC prisoners, Lounsbury making sure they are tied up
r1-55 Unknown pilot
r1-56 Everyone knows this Nui Ba Den
r1-57 Had to take some more newbies and teach them how to survive L SGT Caldwell & SGT Martin
r1-58 How did that photo get in there again
r1-59 Me & Pruden with another prisoner
r1-60 Larry McIntosh
r1-61 Larry McIntosh was my right hand man he thought like me one heck of a guy
r1-62 Another photo of B-52 raid outside our base camp
r1-63 Same raid
r1-64 Hobo woods
r1-65 Another photo on high speed trail in War Zone C next to Cambodia
r1-66 Downtown Saigon
r1-67 Two pilots
r1-68 Lacy, McIntosh, Newton
r1-69 Where am I going to sleep tonight
r1-70 My RTO pointing to a spiderhole
r1-71 122mm rocket results
r1-72 Brown water Navy infiltration
r1-73 McIntosh pointing to another spiderhole
r1-74 Let it Rain Let it Rain
r1-75 122mm rocket hit one of the Hooches
r1-76 Guess who Yeah that is Rambo Lacy
r1-77 Couple of lovely ladies
r1-78 We need some roof vents
r1-79 Prisoner being escorted across the bridge of no return
r1-80 Monkey business
r1-81 Results of mortar attack
r1-82 Larry McIntosh with that 1000 yd store
r1-83 Bunker entrance
r1-84 Kids of War bless them
r1-85 Church in Saigon
r1-86 I am glad this bunker is empty
r1-87 Which way do I go
r1-88 Bobby Pearce Smile it could be worse
r1-89 Bunker entrance
r1-90 Mortar round impact that took out our Lister bag
r1-91 Mech Unit in support of us
r1-92 Who is this
r1-93 Dennis Noga getting his BS in hospital
r1-94 Our XO
r1-95 Survey damage of 122mm rocket
r1-96 Another shot of B-52 raid
r1-97 Nice roof vent
r1-98 Everything looked like Swiss cheese
r1-99 105 Unit right behind our hooches no wonder I can’t hear anymore
r1-100 How can they squat like that for hours
r1-101 Larry McIntosh hand painted this inside his homemade locker
r1-102 Windstorm damage
r1-103 Centaur Chopper
r1-104 Need more Vents
r1-105 Does anybody know what the hell we are doing
r1-106 Larry McIntosh at the Moulin Rouge
r1-107 Another group get together
r1-108 Up & about
r1-109 Local lady with a little fuzzy unknown pilot of ours
r1-110 Our monkey eating chips
r1-111 Bobby Newton
r1-112 Up over War Zone C by Tay Ninh
r1-113 Dennis Noga recovering from a GSW a patrol he was on one member KIA
r1-114 Hooch get together
r1-115 VC bullet just creased his heart
r1-116 Another shot of interview with reporter
r1-117 D Troop pilot
r1-118 Wind wind wind
r1-119 What a sky light
r1-120 Nice view of the countryside
r1-121 Me & USO baseball player
r1-122 Laundry lady returning someone’s clothes
r1-123 Another prisoner on the bridge of no return
r1-124 Jerry Caldwell with prisoner
r1-125 ARVN base camp
r1-126 Inside my homemade closet
r1-127 More holes
r1-128 My sunset photo
r1-129 Still want to be Rambo
r1-130 Local kids
r1-131 More damage
r1-132 Roof vents supplied by Ho Chi Minh
r1-133 Monkeys
r1-134 This statue is most likely no longer there
r1-135 Armored unit
r1-136 Dennis Noga getting a BSM at hospital
r1-137 In the jungle
r1-138 Larry McIntosh with radio and Clinton Lounsbury with canteen
r1-139 Tank piercing a 105mm
r1-140 Another Newbie on patrol with me
r1-142 Roof vent
r1-143 B-52 raid
r1-144 Outhouse after wind and rain storm
r1-146 Practice for Maguire extraction
r1-147 Albert Pruden with Reporter Ann Morresy