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CIVO Website Newsletter
1 February 2020
logoremember to click on the blue underlined text for more information and photos

Centaur Veterans Day Reunion November 2020 plan is coming together. This will be a big event in Tampa Florida (as in warm and sunshine). Need to start making your plans! Blane and Shirley Kirby along with Bob Jones will be your hosts.

Go to the Centaur website home page and click on the red splash button in the lower left corner and it will take you directly to Blane's Reunion page. Note that the red button on the home page used to say "Memory Jogger" and has been changed to "Centaur Reunion". The Memory Jogger is still around, you just need to click on Centaur Society (left side Navigation Button) then the word "Wanted" on the right side of that page.

You can also get to the Centaur Vets Reunion page by clicking on the "Reunions" navigation button on the Homepage, then clicking on "Next Vets Reunion" or on "Centaurs".

If you think that you will probably go to this reunion please send an email to Blane ( or Bob ( so they can start to get a good count on number of folks attending. The "Probably Going" attendee list on Blane's 2020 Reunion page will be updated frequently so you too will know who is planning to go.


The 3/4 Cav Reunion is coming up 23 to 27 September 2020 in Washington, DC. Check it out.


wingsMemory Jogger: Did you see this one?
MJ063 - (23 Jan 2020) What were the requirements for a Crew Chief to earn his crewmember wings? Was a Door gunner awarded crewmember wings? If so, what were the requirements.

A reminder that the Memory Jogger is now in the Centaur Society section under the "Wanted" button. more info


Richard Parrish, 1LT Cobra Pilot 1971-72, Flight School photo added to his InfoSheet


Richard G "Rick" Waite SP4 Maintenance now has a draft MyPage using a photo from Allen Allcock's Slideshow (AA-75).


Bruce Karn WO1, LOH Scout Pilot 1968-69 has a new MyPage and InfoSheet with photo of him and wife Pam.


Tom Fleming audio tapes have been consolidated into a single audio page. Linked to from his MyPage and from the Audio page of the PhotoAudioFilm sectionl


Glenn Otis LTC Squadron Commander Nov 67 to May 68 (deceased 21 Feb 2013): Tom Fleming located a personal note that General Otis sent praising the Centaurs for our innovation of the DVD promoting the 2012 Nashville Reunion. It has been added to Glenn's InfoSheet.

The Centaur Brothers DVD was an amazingly complex project with the sole purpose of inspiring other Centaurs to come to the Nashville Reunion. It was one of the most successful reunions from the standpoint of getting more legacy data and large number of personal video interviews. The note from Glenn has been posted to his InfoSheet.


Thomas Broadbent CW2 LOH Scout Pilot, 1971, has a new MyPage with current photo and a draft InfoSheet with photo of him and wife Mary.


William "Bill" Gregory SGT Maintenance NCOIC 1968-69 now has a draft MyPage using a photo from Allen Allcock's Slideshow (AA-54).


Roger Martin CW2 Slick Pilot and Assistant Operations Officer 1969, has checked in. He was Keith Rice's copilot during the An Duc Extraction (4 Nov 68) and has provided some comments.


Howard "Keith" Rice CW2 Slick Pilot 1968-69 now has a rough draft MyPage using a poor quality photo from Glen Gouge's Photo Album (#10). It is all we have right now. Maybe you can find a better photo for us.


Jack "Beetle" Bailey, CPT Slick Pilot 1972-73 has an upgraded MyPage and InfoSheet. His name and comments have been added to the Rescue of Lady Ace War Story page. Jack was the pilot that rescued USMC CH-46 Pilot - HMM 165 Alan Zygowicz.


Marty Jenkins 1LT Scout Pilot 1969 wrote an article about the amazing rescue of he and his Crew Chief Jim Walt, by Tom Dooling and Dan Spaulding (in a Cobra). The article has been published in the Jan/Feb 2020 issue of the VHPA Aviator Magazine (pages 24 to 26). You can CLICK HERE to download a PDF version of the magazine. Once it is open, right click on the page that is showing and select "Actual Size".


Kenneth Hundt CW2 Pilot 1972 has joined us and now has a MyPage. Ken posted a response to Lloyd Goldsmiths MJ062.


Ken Mick 1LT Cobra Pilot 1971-72 provides a War Story Essay about his experience as a Cobra Copilot/Gunner during his first days in Vietnam...... "Chup Rubber Plantation - 1971". Ken's MyPage has been upgraded with a better Nam photo and a link to that new story. The story is also listed on the War Story Essays page.

...Ken's Slide Show is linked to from his MyPage and from the Photo/Slides page of the Photo/Audio/Film Section

...Kens photo of CPT Wiley "Lee" Cranney and others on standby at Tay Ninh has been made into an MP1 for Cranney's MyPage. His photo of Ron Radcliffe has been added to Radcliffe's MyPage as an MP1. The photo with Tyner and Haynie (both deceased) has been added to their Deceased MyPages as an MP. His photo of Russ Miller in Long Binh has been added as an MP to Miller's deceased MyPage.


Proud Mary the film from Ed Wolfe (1971): the linked names of Rog Johnson, Fred Vigil and Michael Petty (all KIA) have been added to the left side of the video.


Richard Toops, pilot of the 240th AHC trying to rescue the D Troop downed LOH crew now has a Friends MyPage. Richard also provides an article below about the New Memorial Wall in Perryville, MO.


Terrence M. "Terry" O'Connell 1LT Aerorifle Platoon Leader 1969-70 died 19 August 2019. A deceased MyPage has been created for him including a link to his Obituary and his award of the Distinguished Service Cross. Terry lost an eye and his right arm in battle.


Robert Yaap CPT Cobra Pilot 1972-73 checks in. A draft MyPage has been created for him using his photo of he and Farrell Swindell (deceased). His comments about his close friend Swindell have been posted to Swindells deceased InfoSheet/Obit. The photo of he and Ferrell has been added as an MP to both MyPages. Bob was the Unit Property Officer for F Troop when they were shutting down in 1973. He was a West Point Grad with Terry Young and Greg Jones.


Greg Jones CPT Cobra Pilot Jun 1972- Jan 1973 has checked in. He has photos and stories that he will be sending in. Greg has been added to the CIVO Newsletter distribution list.


Pete Holmberg 1LT LOH Pilot 1972 sends in a high resolution scan of a photo of the LOH Scout Crewmen (his MP2) and also an MP on the MyPages of those pictured. The older lower res photo has been replaced. The graphic below was created to show the difference between hi and low resolution photos:


An 8 x 10 inch, 300 dpi (42 megabytes) version of the original photo can be downloaded HERE for printing and framing.


Tom Fleming MAJ D Troop Commander 1967 sent 8 audio tapes home telling abut the war. They are posted in the Audio section of the PhotoAudioFilm section of the website. We hope to get them transcribed into text eventually. The Audio section is still under construction.


Gene Yonke A Troop, provides a note from fellow 3/4 Cavalryman Carroll Hawley (deceased) about The Battle of Tay Ninh. It has been added to the War Story Discussion page Battle for Tay Ninh.


Added to Glossary:Cold, pip, CE, AC, FAARP, Going Hot, Weapons Hot, SwashPlate, CQ, PE, AIT, ADF, AFVN, Avionics, FM, Guard, HF, IFF, KY-28, Prick 25, Prick 77, SAS, SLAE, UHF, VHF, Victor. Thanks to Carl Betsill for getting all the Avionics terminology into the Glossary.


On the History Section for OH-23G page, a link has been added to go to the OH-23G War Story Discussions page. Maybe you OH-23 guys can add some stuff here like stories, maintenance problems, configuration, usage, etc. Get it in to me! (Note: According to VHPA, 231 OH-23G's served during the war; 97 were lost; 12 pilots & 14 crewmembers were KIA)


War Stories

"Keep'Em Flying" is a War Story Essay by Allen "KC" Allcock. A great explanation of what went on in the Maintenance Hangar 1968-69. Story is linked to from KC's MyPage and listed in the War Story Essays section.

"Foggy Test Flight" by Allen "KC" Allcock. The weather didn't always stay nice for Maintenance Test Flights as KC and Tom Shirley found out in 1969. Story is linked to from their MyPages and listed on the War Stories Essay page.

"Tracking Main Rotor Blades" by Allen "KC" Allcock. Explanation of this necessary maintenance procedure. Story is linked to from KC's MyPage and listed on the War Stories Discussion page.

"Jesus Nut Nightmare" by Allen "KC" Allcock. Using a Torque Wrench incorrectly on the most popular nut on the aircraft created a real nightmare. Story is linked to from KC's MyPage and listed on the War Stories Discussion page.



Woody Gardner SP5 Crew Chief Hogs 1967-68; tells us about discovering peanuts on the flightline at Cu Chi and doing something about it. Those of you who went to the 2018 Reunion in Colorado Springs may have gotten to taste some. Woody and Leci Gardner brought a truck load of their famous "Boiled Peanuts" in iced containers, all the way from Florida, to share with their fellow Cavalrymen. No small task!

Woody's video is linked to from his MyPage and the War Stories Video page. Also see the War Story Discussion page Cu Chi The Peanut Patch and please send me your comments.

Anyone remember James D. Brock, mentioned in Woody's story? We would like to get in contact with him.


Dean Smith SP5 Crew Chief OH-23G Scouts 1966 tells about moving D Troop from Hawaii to Vietnam. Dean's video is linked to from his MyPage and the War Stories Video page.




Richard Toops Centaur Friend from the 240th AHC tells about the new Vietnam Memorial Wall in Perryville, MO:

MemorialMissouri’s National Veterans Memorial in Perryville, Mo. is an exact full scale sister wall to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC. This is not a traveler but a full scale recreation of the one in DC. The Dedication Ceremony was held May 18-19, 2019.

This Memorial was started by a third generation farmer, James Eddleman, who donated this land and $2.5 million dollars to get it started. We had the pleasure and honor of meeting with Mr. Eddleman, a humble man whose heart was stirred by his friends who were killed in Vietnam and their names etched on the black granite wall in Washington DC. He wanted something close by for his reflections and others who may never be able to travel to Washington DC. He stated that this land had been his families for three generations and now the last generation he wanted it to be a place for the Vietnam Veterans, families and those who honor them. He pointed to his red brick house overlooking this site and said that he can look down from his window, or walk down to the wall and feel a sense of peace, a feeling of calm in his remembrances of the friends he lost. The volunteer workers there shared with me the master plan for the site, with gardens, cemetery, military honor walls etc. A flag that flew at the wall in DC now waves over the sister wall. When fully completed in the next five years this will be a place of serenity and beauty to perfectly compliment the Black Granite wall with 58,000 plus names of those who gave their all for our country, which is now completed. Richard Toops. The Fund - Trip Advisor


Joe Owen recommends this article and video about the A1E Skyraiders. Article - Video. We have A1E Skyraiders (call sign Sandy) mentioned in our Glossary because of the Rescue of Lady Ace story. Please let me know if you had any experiences with the A1E "Spad" during your tour.


Roman Millett CPT Gun Plt Ldr and XO found this really interesting YouTube video that he would like to share. A Deck of Cards as a soldiers bible.


Helicopter Losses During the Vietnam War (updated 31 Dec 2018) great article by Gary Roush of VHPA. Some of his collected data has been placed in our History Section as notes at OH-23G, OH-6A, and AH-1G.


For the CIVO Board of Directors,

Bruce Powell, Moderator of the Centaur Society and Webmaster of
cell 619-823-0992
1601 Rhododendron Dr, Spc 571, Florence, OR 97439 (Summer)
11875 S Ironwood Drive, Yuma, AZ 85367 (Winter)






CIVO Website Newsletter
1 January 2020
remember to click on the blue underlined text for more information and photos

Happy New Year! We made it 20 years into the new Century! Who would have thought it!

Personal Request to all: CLICK HERE or click on the flag, to vieflagw a 10 sec test movie. We expect it to play fine on your system (flag waving and helicopter sound in background).

IF NOT: If, after you click on it, the Flag doesn't wave with the helicopter sound in the background, please send me an email

Here is why we need this input: Currently every video posted on the website must be compressed into three different formats. That is so everyone with different computers and browsers can all play it.

If this 10 second Flag Test Video (using a single compression) plays well for everyone, then the physical size of the website can be reduced significantly. This will also reduce the costs of the website.


Terry Vaughn SP5 UH-1D Crew Chief Jan 67 to Jan 68. Terry's close friend Jim Weber (Little Bears) notified us that he died on 21 December 2019 from Pancreatic Cancer. Terry was a long time member of the original Centaur Society and attender of reunions. Comments from Terry's Centaur brothers and friends are being posted to his InfoSheet. Please reread Terry's great essay on his 1967 tour and view the Terry and Willi Williams movie & Terry's Slide Show; His name has been added to the Deceased roster.

Services will be Thursday January 9th, 11:00 am at Colorado Community Church, 14000 E Jewel Ave, Aurora 80012.

No flowers please. Donations can be made to Aurora Police Charitable Foundation 1010 S Joliet St, Aurora, Co 80012


Geroge "Randy" Murie F Troop Oct 71 to Sep 72 died December 2019. Memorial service
Date: January 8, 2020 Time: 1:30 pm Location: Riverside National Cemetery Address: 22495 Van Buren Boulevard, Riverside, CA 92518.


Bud Wayne Wyatt SP4 LRRP deceased 26 December 2010 has a new Deceased MyPage. His Nam photo from the Yearbook was added. Did you know him? Do you have any more information on him?


Jerry Toomey PFC LOH Scout Observer Jan to Jun 2968. Jerry started with C Troop and was severely wounded 14 March 1968 by an RPG near Hoc Mon Bridge. He recovered and moved to D Troop as an LOH Observer where he was again wounded 3 Jun 68 and sent home. He has no photos of his tour or flight records. Please review Jerry's Video and see if you might remember him and provide him with some of your memories.


Thomas Sam Dooling 1LT Cobra Pilot Jan 69 to Aug 70, tells the war story "A Bit Too Close" where he accidentally nearly shoots down the LOH Scout he is supporting (flown by Terry Talley). The story is listed in the War Stories Essay section and linked to from Dooling and Talley's MyPages.


Pat "Juaquin" Eastes CW2 Gun Pilot 1967-68: Some how Juaquin's slideshow of photos didn't make it to the website. That has been corrected. Click Here The Slideshow is now linked to from his MyPage and from the Photos/Slides page of the PhotoAudioFilm section. Pat and Clare just had their 50th Wedding Anniversary and are on their way to Hawaii for a couple weeks!


Richard Stegner "Super Sarge" SGT Aerorifles and Slick Door Gunner Apr 1965 to Mar 1968 sends in some photos and has like 200 more slides he has yet to scan in. He is living in San Diego, CA now and invites you to drop in or contact him with email. "Stegner, Richard" <>


Bruce Draganjac, SP4 Maintenance 1972-73 provides a Photo Album of 43 pictures of his tour at Da Nang. The album is linked to from his MyPage and from the Photos & Slides page of the PhotoAudioFilm section.


Peter Holmberg provides an LOH Scout group photo summer 72 at Tan My by the Flagpole, with names. Mike Flynn, (no MyPage or Info), Nick Sylvester (No contact yet), Joe Beck (deceased), Chip Blackwell (deceased), Randy Murie (deceased), Charles Foster, Pete Villarante, Harry Rogers, Denny Rojas (or is it "Benny"? No contact), Crank LaBore, Buddy Ring, and Randy Baisden. The photo has been added as an MP to each man's MyPage.


Bruce Karn WO1 LOH Scout Pilot Jun68 to Jun 69 has an added MP1 and an InfoSheet/Bio (with a photo of he and Pam). Bruce has spent a great deal of time coordinating the design, and getting made, generic (not aircraft specific) Centaur patches for D and F Troops. See Centaur patches for sale below. The great part about these patches is that any man who did any job for the Centaurs can wear this patch to identify himself as a proud member of a great combat unit.


John M. Pasternak SGT 1972 has been added to the Newsletter distribution. A photo of him raising flag (by Rick Kline) is added to his draft MyPage as an MP1. Hope to hear more from him soon.


Can you help me get in contact with CW2 Robert T. Bobo, pilot 1970?


Wayne Grindstaff, B Company, 1/5th Mech "Bobcats" writes in thanking us for our website. Wayne was wounded on 19 August 1968 during the Battle for Tay Ninh. Elements of the 3/4 Cav helped the Bobcats out of an ambush. The Bobcat report of the battle that day has been added to the Battle For Tay Ninh Discussion page.


Group photo of pilots 1968-69 added as MP's to the MyPages of Bill Cirincione, Joe Owen, Jerry Odom, Steve Hanson, and Charlie Rice. Do you recognize the unnamed pilot?


Another lost Centaur Pilot: "Alexander, James" <>, mail returned 2 Dec 2019. Do you have a good email address for him?


Added to the Glossary: C Rations - Transition - Cowboys - The Attack of the Red Ants movie by Tegelman and Beasley has been linked to the Glossary term Red Ants.


patchThe Centaur Patches: The new Centaur patches have arrived. Here is what the final product looks like. Note the actual patch background is more white than with this graphic.

All patches are one dollar each plus shipping.

Cost of shipping in the US is:
1 - 3 patches $1.00
4 - 10 patches $2.50
11 - 20 patches $5.00
21 - 50 patches $7.50
(Payment can be made by check or Paypal)

To order contact Bruce Karn through email, phone, text, or regular mail.

email: "Karn, Bruce" <>

phone (or Text): 801-668-7003

Mail: Bruce Karn, 383 E 1250 N,Brigham City, Utah 84302

note: I have some D Troop patches that were the "test" that DO NOT have the "AIR" and Sabres on them if anyone wants any I will include them in their order and they are free. Bruce K.






Veterans Health ID Card

Marty Jenkins sends in this important article: Veterans need VHIC for in-person Commissary, Military Exchange, MWR access. Expansion started Jan. 1, 2020 - CLICK HERE


NOTE: The article by Marty Jenkins about the AH-1G rescue of he and Jim Walt, is going to be the centerfold article in the Jan/Feb issue of the VHPA Aviator Magazine. The Article is titled Paper Tiger with the subtitle of Centaur AH-1G Cobra Medevac – 25 April 1969).Thanks to Tom Hirschler, Editor of the VHPA Magazine for his help and information.

You might want to review Marty and Jim's video from the 2012 Nashville reunion. Their story was also mentioned on pages 105 to 112 of Dan Spauldings book "Centaur Flights".


For the CIVO Board of Directors,

Bruce Powell, Moderator of the Centaur Society and Webmaster of
cell 619-823-0992
1601 Rhododendron Dr, Spc 571, Florence, OR 97439 (Summer)
11875 S Ironwood Drive, Yuma, AZ 85367 (Winter)











CIVO Website Newsletter
1 December 2019
remember to click on the blue underlined text for more information and photos

index: Vet Reunion After Action - Not getting Newsletter - Updates - New Patches - Videos - Articles

Tech Notes: Skip quickly around the Newsletter using the blue underlined text above. John Moore discovered the website That'sThem at
It is free to search for web addresses of our missing Centaurs. Give it a try and see if you can bring some more guys in.

Merry Christmas to all from your CIVO Board of Directors


Many Centaurs would have loved to be home, but ended up spending Christmas in Vietnam. They tried to make the best of it. Carl Burns remembers with his 1966 article. John Alto published a video. Rick Williams remembers with the 1968 card above.

If you have some memories of your Vietnam Christmas, send them to me and we will start a Vietnam Christmas Discussion page. It is part of our Legacy.


2019 Centaur Veteran's Day Reunion After Action Report:

Approximately 70 people were in attendance at this the largest Vets Day Reunion so far.

"RogersIt was my pleasure to Host this year's D/F Troop Centaur Cav Reunion. Bowling Green is a great location with more restaurants than you can shake a stick at. The manager of the Hampton Inn was a Army Veteran himself and was very positive toward us and gave us the best price in town. The staff at the Hampton were great and made our stay most pleasurable. Ms Maroni who worked for the BG parks and recreation department was wonderful in helping get our entry in the Veterans Day Parade. The people of BG received the Veterans in such a gracious manor, what a great experience it was to fly the unit colors of D and F Trp in the parade. Thanks to KC Allcock for being the Master of Ceremonies at the dinner and to all the Troopers, family members and others who came from all points across the U.S.A to attend. I would not forget Richard Parish who brought the presentation sabre that we presented to Ray Clark (Thank you Richard); and my wife Kathy who supported me unconditionally and helped me as much as she could. I for one enjoyed the time we had together and the chance to share a small portion of the events as I remember them in the summer of 72. We are all fortunate to have been here together as we could just as well not made it to this point in time." Harry Rogers

Harry chose KC Allcock to MC the Saturday Night Banquet - his report:
"I presented a wooden plaque to our host, Harry Rogers. This plaque was painted red over white, and on the white portion is a OH-6a "Loach", the type that Harry was a Crew Chief on. Another plaque was given to Bob Brady, also red over white, to look like a D Troop Flag, with the word Scout lettered on it. Bob, who served during 68/69 was a CE on a Loach, was wounded with many bullets being lodged in his flight helmet. He overlapped time with me, but I have especially gotten acquainted with Bob and his wife, Rose while attending the Squadron Reunions since 1992. Bob was a source of inspiration to me as a green trooper in Vietnam, and has become a very close friend and has helped me through some of the things that tormented me. Another Plaque was presented to Frank Dillon. I contacted Frank several years ago, and I have seen how much Frank has had an input in the growth of our Centaur Veterans Day Reunions. Especially, for about the past 3-4 years he has really brought about reuniting our "F" Troop soldiers.Then, also I do not wish to forget CPT Ray Clark. He was the XO when I first arrived with D Troop, then became my CO. A great pilot and commander.... and a good author of the book he wrote. While I could not really put together something outstanding, I did present him with a U.S. Cavalry cap, and also to recognize him, a Cavalry Sword was presented, which was donated by Richard Parish." Allen "KC" Allcock


scoutMultiple video Interviews were done with Frank Walker, Joe Hoover, Bruce Anderson, Harry Rogers, Blane Kirby, Ray Clark, Richard Parrish, Bob Brady, Bob Tegelman, KC Allcock, Steve Borden, David Hopper, Herman Witt, Barney Wood, Bill Gausman and the original Phu Bai group (left).

We will keep you informed as these great video war stories are edited and posted to the website.


Sharon and I wish to give special thanks to Sherry and Allen Allcock for purchasing the materials and building the large frame needed for doing our video shoot.

If you attended the renion and have some good photos, consider sending in a few that we might post to the website reunion section.

kirbyThe next Centaur Veteran's Day Reunion (Nov 2020)

Blane and Shirley Kirby will be hosting the 2020 Centaur Vets Day Reunion in sunny and warm Tampa, Florida. Check into the website Reunion section once in a while for more information as the planning develops.

Many of you have seen the Bob Tegelman Centaur Memorial Trailer that he has been hauling his Harley around in for years (see trailer movie). Well, he needs a bigger trailer so he can haul his Harley and his 55 Chevy. Thought we should mention that he is selling it in case one of you Centaur Bikers might want to continue the tradition of telling about the Centaurs as you drive around the country with your bike in this beautiful trailer. Top conditon $3500. Call Bob in Tomahawk Wisconsin at (715) 453-4427.


Not Getting our Newsletters

The Centaurs listed below are not receiving our Monthly Newsletters because of faulty email addresses. If you are in contact with any of them, please try to find out their correct email address so they be added to the distribution:

"Anderson, Ronald"...... SP5 LOH Mechanic 1968 Logan, Utah
"Bowen, Joseph" ..........CPT Ozark, AL 1972-73 Opns off
"Brinckerhoff, Allen"...... 1LT Heavy Scouts D& F Trp Sep70-May71
"Butteris, Greg" info
"Craft, Billy" ..................Aerorifles/Company Clerk 1965-67
"Cunningham, Jerry" ....CW2 70-71 D/F Trp Guns/Slicks Bakersfield, CA
"Dardeau, Norman" ......Maintenance Section 65-67
"Dehart, Phillip H" .........Aerorifles 68-70 Jackson, OH
"Doetschman, Edwin" ...Armament 45m Jul 70-Jul71 Reno, NV
"FluhartyTom" ...............LOH Crew Chief 69-70
"Hart, John K" ...............Water Valley, MS 67-68
"Hogan, John S" ...........1LT 71-72 Middle Haddam, CT VHPA
"Jackson, Michael W" ...1LT Enterprise, AL 70-71
"Jones, Gregory" ..........CPT 1973 Tallahassee, FL VHPA
"Lara, Armando" ...........PFC Slick Crew Chief 1965 to 67
"Laurent, Arnold D" .......SGT Aerorifles McKinney, TX 64-66 Also B Trp
"Mack, Robert" .............CPT Centaur 4 Jul68 to Dec68
"Miller, Stanley H" .........CPT D&F 1970-71
"Olsen, Michael A" ........SP4 May70-Apr71 Wichita, KS D&F
"Penzel, William Berry". CPT F Trp Minden, NV
"Pforr, Dennis"...............SP5 Aerorifles and Door Gunner Hogs Nov67-Nov68
"Pray, Brian W"............. CW2 VHPA Oxford, MS
"Ray, Russel T" .............1LT 1972-Feb73 Stayed in Nam w/Peace Com
"Sales, Permer".............SP5 UH1D Door Gunner 1965 to 66
"Sanford, Steven" .........1LT Hog Pilot Feb67-Nov67 went DiamondHead
"Schmalhofer, George"..1LT 69-70
"Schmidgall, Kim" .........SP5 DoorGunner Slicks-From 75th Rangers
"Schmidt, Gary" ............SP4 70-71 Modeler Has website
"Simpson, Larry D" .......CPT Trp XO, Flt Opns, Guns Jul70-Jul71
"Smith, Thomas E." ......CW2 LOH Pilot 68-69
"Wall, Timothy S" ..........F Trp 72-73 GO663, Jan73
"Wright, Gerald L"........ 1LT VHPA Mesa, AZ
"Wright, Samuel" ..........LRRP Jul66-67 wife Lynne? Darien, GA

James P. Alexander III CW2 .Jacksonville, IL. Emails to him started being returned. If you have contact with him please let us know if he is okay and receiving our newsletters.



Scholarships - Every year the 25th Infantry Division gives out thousands of dollars worth of Scholarships. The month of January is when applications are accepted. Answers to questions involving scholarships are now posted in our Help/Answers section of the website, item #60.

This is a great cause that anyone can donate to anytime. Send a check (include a note as to what it is for) payable to "3/4 Cav Chapter" to:

Bobby Bingham, Treasurer 3/4 Cav
P.O. Box 24414, Lexington, KY 40524-4414

2019 Scholarship Awards: Two scholarships were funded by the 3/4 Cavalry Chapter and one by the 25th IDA. The 25th ID's $1,000 William Schumacher Award was awarded to Hollyn Achens, granddaughter of Allen Allcock (D Trp 69/70). The 3/4 Cavalry Association's $1,000  Oliver Jones Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Alexis Cunningham, the granddaughter of Bill Gausman (F Trp 7/72). The 3/4 Cavalry Association's $1,000 Scholarship  was awarded to Ellie Clark, granddaughter of Doug Hanna (B Trp 68/69).


Marvin K. Runyon CPT AH-1G Cobra Pilot Jan to Dec1970 Renoldsburg, OH has died (11 August 2019). His wife Barbara sent us a nice note which is published on his Info/Obit Sheet. He will be honored at Arlington Cemetary in the Spring. We will keep you informed. His MyPage has been converted to a Deceased MyPage and listed on the In Memoriam Roster. If you have other Nam photos of Marvin or comments/stories, please send them in to be posted on our website.


Richard Parrish 1LT Cobra Pilot 1971-72 has an improved MyPage with a new current photo from the reunion and an MP1 of him and his flight helmet from Nam. He and other Cobra pilots were at Long Binh and sent their flight helmets to Vung Tau to have them specially painted with the Cobra Snake and hand polished lacquer. Richard donated the sword that was presented to Ray Clark at the Bowling Green Reunion.


David W.C. Hopper SP4 LOH Scout Crew Chief 1972-73 has an improved MyPage using a current photo from the Bowling Green Reunion, where he also did a video.


Bill Gausman SP4 LOH Gunner Aug 71 to Aug 72 has an upgraded MyPage with photo from the Bowling Green Reunion. Bill and Bonnie have volunteered to host the 2021 Centaur Vets Reunion.


Robert "Bob" Brady SP4 Scout Crewchief OH-23 and LOH May68 - May69 has a new MyPage using a current photo from the Bowling Green Reunion. Bob also did several videos.


Joe Don Ramey KIA page had the wrong tour dates. Changed to Nov 69 to May 70 (when he was KIA). Correction by Brent Christenson.


Brent Christenson Motor Pool SGT has a MyPage, MP's and an InfoSheet with a photo of he and his wife Jill. Brent provided a current pic for Jim Mouser and an MP2 with Johnny Rhymes and Bill Barker. That was added to Bill Barkers page


Juan Zappata Motor Pool Mechanic 1970 has a draft MyPage. Photo from Motor Pool SGT Brent Christensen.


Jim Mouser SP5 Aerorifles and Slick Door Gunner Dec 69 to Dec 70 has his MyPage upgraded with tour dates and current photo from Brent Christenson. (Jim: Are you getting the newsletter?)


Steve Borden CW2 Slick & Nighthawk pilot Jun to Sep 71. Years ago Steve wrote a letter concerning CW2 Ed "Louie" Mortimer KIA. It was in response to Ed's younger brother Dennis's girlfriend Ginnie. She wanted to know more about what happened to Louie. That letter is now posted on Mortimers KIA page InfoSheet and linked to from Steve's MyPage. David Olsen has also updated the letter on Mortimer's Together We Served page.


Frank Walker 1LT Scout Pilot Centaur 16 1972 has a new photo for his MyPage and Centuar Call Sign added. Frank helped us set up the video room and did several video stories at the Centaur Vets Day reunion in Bowling Green. Linked to a YouTube movie of Walker to his MyPage. It was made by a South Carolina TV station.


Peter Vallarante SP5 Scout Crewchief/Gunner 1972 now has a draft InfoSheet. (Peter: need more words for the InfoSheet)


Richard Stegner "Super Sarge" SGT Slick Door Gunner & Aerorifles Apr65 to Mar 68 has checked in and sent some of his Nam photos. He is close by in San Diego, so expect to be getting a current photo and more stuff from him soon.


Ron Brochu SP5 Scout Crew Chief and section NCOIC 1971-72 has his current picture and wife's name added to his MyPage. A draft Infosheet with a pic of him and Debbie is posted.


Blane K. Kirby SP5 LOH Door Gunner Aug71 to Aug 72 has an upgraded MyPage and a draft InfoSheet. His rank and tour dates are posted on the main roster. Blane and Shirley are hosting the next Vets Day reunion 2020 in Tampa, FL.


Roman Millett CPT Gun & Scout Plt Leader, and XO Jan 70 to Dec 70 has a new MyPage. InfoSheet will follow. Roman is a docent at the Seattle Museum of Flight and is preparing a formal presentation for visitors with the subject "Pink Teams in Vietnam". If you have suggestions/ideas that might make his presentation better please send him an email - One question he does have is how many troops did we typically carry on each aircraft during our Aerorifle assaults. I thought it was seven. His presentations are to begin in January.


Tom Boettcher's wife Barbara, presented a quilt of valor to Tom Dow at 2018 Vets Reunion in Ft. Leavenworth, KS. That photo is an MP on both of the Tom's MyPages.


Kenneth L. Strand (Deceased) CW2 Cobra and LOH Pilot was nicknamed "Strange Strand". We had several short stories about him on his InfoSheet; then Sam Dooling recently added a couple more. So a War Story Discussion page called "Strange Strand" has been created for him. It is listed in the War Story Discussion section and linked to from Strand and Dooling's pages.


Mike Vaughn SP5 UH-1D Crew Chief (661) Nov 66 to Nov67: Mike's great war story "Two Down" has been upgraded with some needed links and corrections:

1. Ervin Laird's MyPage had not been linked to your story. 

2. SP4 Amadeo R. Lara Jr. was misspelled and therefore not linked to his MyPage Lara. We don't have an email for him. Lara may have attended the 2014 Reunion in San Antonio

3. WO FL Anderson was changed to WO Fred L. Anderson and linked to his MyPage. Also Andersons page is now linked to your Two Down Story.

4. Could the LRRP "Rose" that you mention in the story be PFC Charles Rose? We have been sending him newsletters for some time but no response. We have no pictures or other info on him.

Lynn Peterson Mobley (COL Pete's daughter) has checked in with us and reports:
"Our father is still living in his assisted living facility, and still able to get around. Though he cannot hear and has dementia, he still knows us, is happy and enjoys reading and watching people. Amazing. He has bladder cancer but the prognosis is pretty vague - it wears him out, but at 92, what would not? No pain, oddly. He is very uncomplaining, which is totally like him, I think. Anyway, a guy has moved there who claims that Dad, and I presume he includes a few other Centaurs in that, saved his life in Vietnam. A man named Tom Rash, who was with the 173rd Airborne. I could not follow all his terminology but I caught “flying dust off “ and mentioned Dad going “top speed all the time.” I believe you all flew in and got him out of something. Anyway, he says he remembers it all quite clearly. He lives in Heatherwood Retirement Community at 9642 Burke Lake Rd., Burke, VA 22015. I don’t know what your outreach is interested or active in these days. But there it is. Best wishes, Lynn Peterson Mobley."


New Centaur Patches

patchesBruce Karn has finalized the design of the new D and F Troop Centaur Patches and has ordered the first batch. They should be available for shipping around Christmas.

Estimated cost is $1.00 each, plus a little bit for shipping depending on how many are ordered and what the postage will be.
You may contact Bruce at

His mailing address is:
Bruce Karn
383 E. 1250 N.
Brigham City, UT 84302.



CORRECTION: The John Alto/Andy Gerrie video announced in the last newsletter was not properly linked and did not play. That has been corrected.

MOVIE one - Terry Branham 1LT Cobra Pilot 1969-70, did a couple videos for us at the Colorado Springs Reunion 2018. This one is an introduction to his tour. Both are listed on the Video page of the War Stories section and linked to from his MyPage. Jackson, Chiaramonte, Holder and Craig mentioned.

MOVIE two - Terry Branham: A tribute to his good friend Rudy Parris (KIA after Nam in a terrorist aircraft bombing 12 Dec 1985). Movie is also linked to from Rudy's page. Terry's MyPage has been updated with an MP2 of his flight helmet, and a draft InfoSheet with a photo of him and Barb.




Aviation Badge - Terry Garlock - Reunions - Sihanouk Trail

1. Army Aviation Badge:did you get yours?

Tom Fleming points out an article about people being able to get Aviator Wings, who were not previously qualified to wear the wings. CLICK HERE to review this article by MSG Daniel Baeza at Aviation

2. Opinion Article:

Terry Garlock writes a great article and gave us permission to republish it. He was a Cobra pilot with 334th (Thanks to Larry Patterson for finding this.)

Sometimes the herd is wrong
by Terry Garlock
Published on Wed Jan 30, 2019 in The Citizen, a Fayette County GA newspaper.
Well into the autumn of my life, I am occasionally reminded the end is not too far over the horizon. Mortality puts thoughts in my head, like “What have I done to leave this world a better place?”
There actually are a few things that I think made my existence worthwhile. I will tell you just one of them, because so many of you need to hear it.
No matter how much this rubs the wrong way, I am quite proud to have served my country in the Vietnam War. Yes, I know, most of you were taught there is shame attached to any role in the war that America lost, an unfortunate mistake, an immoral war, an unwise intrusion into a civil war, a racist war, a war in which American troops committed widespread atrocities, where America had no strategic interest, and that our North Vietnamese enemy was innocently striving to re- unite Vietnam.
The problem is, none of those things are true. That didn’t stop America over the last 50 years lapping up this Kool-Aid concocted by the anti-war machine, a loose confederation of protesting activists, the mainstream news media and academia. They opposed the war with loud noise, half-truths and fabrications. They are the ones who still write their version in our schoolbooks, and their account of history conveniently excuses themselves for cowardly encouraging our enemy while we were at war. You see, having the right to protest does not necessarily make it the right or honorable thing to do.
So, yes, I am defiantly proud to have been among those who raised our right hand swearing to do our duty for our country while so many others yelled and screamed and marched, burned their draft cards, declared, ”Hell no! I won’t go!” and some fled to Canada. In that period of uncomfortable controversy, even patriots tended to look the other way when activists heartily insulted American troops as they returned
through California airports from doing the country’s hardest work in Vietnam. War correspondent Joe Galloway summed it up nicely in a column about Vietnam vets in the Chicago Tribune long ago; “They were the best you had, America, and you turned your back on them.”
To be sure, there were lots of warts and wrinkles in the war. We were fighting a tough Communist enemy, defending South Vietnam’s right to remain free. At the same time we were betrayed by our own leadership in the White House with their incompetent micromanagement and idiotic war-fighting limitations that got thousands of us killed while preventing victory. And we were betrayed by fellow citizens encouraging our enemy.
I was trained to be an Army Cobra helicopter pilot. I remember many times, with no regrets, shooting up the enemy to protect our ground troops, firing to cover fellow pilots, and firing to keep the brutal enemy away from South Vietnamese civilians. A high school student asked me last year how I deal with the guilt. I answered that I don’t have any guilt, that I was doing my duty and would proudly do it again.
When John Lennon turned the Beatles into a protest band, his song “Give Peace a Chance” was hailed as genius. Look up the inane lyrics and judge for yourself. At protest rallies, crowds of tens of thousands would raise their arms to wave in unison while chanting in ecstasy, “All we are asking, is give peace a chance!” over and over. Luminaries like Tom Smothers, presidential candidate George McGovern, writer and self- acclaimed intellectual Gore Vidal and a host of others lauded Lennon’s song and observed “Who wouldn’t prefer peace to war?”
What self-indulgent, naive stupidity!
My friend Anh Nguyen was 12 years old in 1968, living in the city of Hue, the cultural center of Vietnam. One morning when he opened the shutters to his bedroom window, a shot was fired over his head, the first he knew the enemy’s Tet

Offensive had begun. The Communists had negotiated a cease fire for their New Year holiday of Tet, then in treachery attacked on that holiday in about 100 locations all over South Vietnam.
The enemy was well prepared and they took the city of Hue. They had lists of names and addresses provided by spies, and they went from street to street, dragging from their homes political leaders, business owners, teachers, doctors, nurses and other “enemies of the people.” The battle raged four weeks before our Marines retook the city. In the aftermath, mass graves with nearly 5,000 bodies were found, executed by the Communists, many tied together and buried alive.
Anh and his family had evacuated to an American compound for protection. Anh says when the battle was over and they walked Highway 1 back to their home, the most beautiful sight his family had ever seen was US Marines lining the road, standing guard over South Vietnamese civilians. To follow John Lennon’s plea, Anh’s family and countrymen could “Give peace a chance” by surrendering to the Communist invaders, but even a mush-head like Lennon should know there are some things you don’t give up without a fight. I doubt Lennon would have understood the best way to ensure peace is to carry the biggest stick.
Want to know what causes me shame?
In 1973, when we basically had the war won, the US gave it away in a peace agreement when escape from Vietnam was the only politically acceptable option. In the peace agreement, the US pledged our ongoing financial support to South Vietnam’s defense, and pledged US direct military intervention if the North Vietnamese ever broke their pledge not to attack South Vietnam. In the 1974 elections, in the aftermath of the Watergate scandal and President Nixon’s resignation, Democrats were swept into Congress and promptly cut off all funding to South Vietnam in violation of the US pledge.
Of course North Vietnam was watching.
In early 1975 when the North Vietnamese attacked South Vietnam, President Ford literally
begged Congress to fund the US pledge to intervene, and Congress refused.
The same news media, protesters and academia who had screamed against the war, firmly turned their back in 1975 and refused to notice the slaughter and inhumanity as the Communists overwhelmed the ally America had thrown under the bus. Even today, few on the anti-war side know or care there were roughly 75,000 executions, that a panicked million fled in over-packed rickety boats and died at sea by the tens of thousands, that a million were sent to brutal re-education camps for decades and also died by the tens of thousands, or that South Vietnamese who fought to remain free - and their descendants - are still persecuted to this day. Abandoning our ally to that fate is America’s everlasting shame.
We could have won that war if our military had been allowed to take off the soft gloves, but it went on far too long with no end in sight, mismanaged to a fare-thee-well by the White House and became America’s misery. Through it all, even the betrayals from home, we fought well and never lost one significant battle.
Leftists think they know all about the war and the Americans who fought it. They don’t know didley.
At the 334th Attack Helicopter Company in Bien Hoa, we Cobra pilots were 19 to 25 years old with very rough edges. We thought of ourselves as gunslingers and might have swaggered a bit. We drank too much at the end of a sweat-stained day, for fun or escape or both. We laughed off close calls with the bravado of gallows humor. We toasted our dead and hid the pain of personal loss deep inside. We swore a lot and told foul jokes. We pushed away the worry of how long our luck would hold, and the next day we would bet our life again to protect the South Vietnamese people and each other.
To properly characterize my fellow Vietnam vets, I need to borrow words from John Steinbeck as he wrote about the inhabitants of Cannery Row, and ask you to look from my angle, past their flaws, to see them as I often do, “. . . saints and angels, martyrs and holy men.” America’s best.

I am proud to be one of them because we faced evil together in a valiant effort to keep the South Vietnamese people free, doing God’s work for a little while, even though it failed by the hand of our own countrymen working against us from safety at home.
I served only half my 12 month tour in Vietnam since I was shot down in a firefight, badly injured and medevaced home. I had a broken back, legs paralyzed until after surgery then in a series of hospitals I learned to walk again. My flying days were over. Most of my brother and sister Vietnam vets spent far more time doing their duty than I did, completing one, two, three or even more tours. I learned by watching them the true meaning of loyalty, courage and trust, and I will tell their story to any who will listen.
More than any other class of people, I trust and admire the American men and women who served in Vietnam and met the test of their mettle, even the ones I don’t know. I wouldn’t trade a single one of them for a thousand leftist anti-war elites.
Everyone deserves a second chance. But for the naval-gazing flower children who remain unrepentant about encouraging the enemy we were fighting, who still smugly know all the wrong answers about us and the Vietnam War, who have never known mortal danger and didn’t give a fig when Saigon fell and the Commies made South Vietnamese streets run red with the blood of innocent people, I want to be sure to deliver this invitation before I get too old and feeble: kiss me where the sun don’t shine.

Terry Garlock lives in Peachtree City, GA.

3. Opinion Article - Reunions: by Bruce Karn

Well, fella's - Centaurs,

I have only attended two reunions for a variety of reasons (scheduling conflicts) so you can take my input for "what its worth" but I do have some thoughts on the subject. But first I would like to say that I really enjoyed the reunions I attended and the reasons I enjoyed them was because I had a chance to see some old friends and some people that I admire and owe a lot too. A to many I owe my very life! To some for their wisdom and advise and to others for their quick and sure shots!

There are some "guidelines" or thoughts I have come to appreciate at this time of my life.

1. There aren't many "command performances" I need to worry about. If I don't feel I would like to golf or attend a tour today I am fine to skip it. and if I want to golf or go on a tour it shouldn't bother anyone else. My actions and happiness don't depend on what others think or want. And their actions and happiness shouldn't depend on what I chose to do or not do.

2. It's okay to talk with who I want to talk to - well as long as they don't mind talking to me. And we should be able to talk as much or as little as we wish to. There are some folks I would like to talk to more and others that "their need to talk exceeds my interest to listen"! But I think that should be totally up to those involved. Most days I wear a Vietnam Veteran hat or something to help identify me as a veteran. I don't need anyone's approval or thanks - I wear them because I am looking for that other veteran that I can thank or bond with. I have had a lot of vets come up to me and I go up to anyone I can identify as a veteran to thank them and learn about their service. I have found folks from the grocery store to the cruise ship. Most of the time I have had great conversations. Only twice have I walked away thinking either that guy is a fraud or a basket case. And I like them all - tunnel rat to high flying jet jocks. I think the saying an old warrant officer (he seemed old at the time - maybe 30) shared with us when I was a WOC. He said "There is more virginity among prostitutes than there is rank among warrant officers. That's the way I feel about vets - I don't care what you did, what your rank was, who you served with - I respect all vets. I just have a special fondness for Centaurs!

3. One of the saddest of all stories is the story that was never told! Every once in a while I hear reported on the local news or some place that a family never knew their grandfather served in World War II or what he did. To me that is a terrible and costly mistake. And it is for three reasons

First, the veteran themselves! Keeping everything bottled up inside can be a risky thing to do! I have seen those that couldn't or wouldn't talk about dramatic things in their lives and often the results were not good. I saw that in the World War II generation in my family and with a brother that was a "snake driver" in Vietnam. The old saying of "share a joy it increases and share a burden it decreases" is true. Now my brother will talk with me because he says I understand but he won't talk with his family because he says they don't know and understand what it was like. Well, they never will if you won't share!! I have been fortunate to have a wife who wanted to know where I had been and what I had done. (She shared my burdens!) Over the years I have shared many stories / experiences with family and others. The telling may vary because the junior high girl who was assigned to interview a vet doesn't need or want the same telling that a fellow vet would understand.

Second, The family and others should be allowed to know and understand where you have been, what shaped you, what the sacrifices you and other veterans and families have made, and the debt they owe to all those that have served. For years my family begged me to write down those experiences so they would always have them so finally I wrote a book for my children and grandchildren. Perhaps it will be of value to some of them. (Some names had to be changed to protect the identity of those that didn't have a good light shining on them in my eyes).

And thirdly and perhaps most importantly, those of us that made it home (mostly in one piece) owe it to those who didn't make it back (or at least mostly in one piece) and their families to tell the story - it's their story too! (My uncle was killed in World War II and never met his little baby girl. Her entire life my cousin has has always wanted to know more about her dad and what happened to him. A couple of years ago I came into possession of some information that helped answer some questions. It has made a tremendous difference to her and her children who never knew a grandfather. It was priceless to them.

I like the reunions with any "flaws" or "imperfections" they may have. (Sure working to perfect is good but at least something is happening!) And I think telling and recording the stories / experiences must continue. It's good for the vets and it's priceless to those who will want to know what happened to their loved ones!

I salute those who work so hard to make both happen! You do have a higher cause than most of us realize. Bruce added to his MyPage


4. The Sihanouk Trail:

Brian "Stretch" Harrison recently found out about the Sihanouk Trail. Like many of us, you may never have even heard of it. The Sihanouk Trail was a logistical supply system in Cambodia used by the People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) and its Viet Cong (VC) guerillas during the Vietnam War (1960–1975). Between 1966 and 1970, this system operated in the same manner and served the same purposes as the much better known Ho Chi Minh Trail (the Truong Son Road to the North Vietnamese) which ran through the southeastern portion of the Kingdom of Laos. see the Wikepedia article














CIVO Website Newsletter
1 November 2019
remember to click on the blue underlined text for more information and photos

The Centaur Veteran's Day Reunion in Bowling Green, KY begins in a few days! Hope to see you there! We all want to thank Harry Rogers and his friends for setting this up and Hosting the event.

Ray Clark CPT D Troop Commander 1969, will be attending the Reunion. He will bring some copies of his great book "Just Let Me Walk Away". (Signed copies are $26).

Ray has agreed to be our Video Director, as needed, at the Video Shoots on Sunday and Monday. The job of the Director, if the person speaking requests it, is to monitor the video as it is being taken and stop it at anytime there might be glitches, mistakes, so on. That way the issue can be discussed and the speaker can start again at that point, with any corrections that he wants to make. This makes the video story more clear and also saves me from extensive editing at a later date.

You can use a friend, your wife or nobody to be your Director, as you choose.

If you haven't scheduled your reunion video, PLEASE, email me.

Frank Dillon now has the Centaur Sharks Teeth hats and will be selling them at the Bowling Green Reunion 9 - 12 Nov 2019.


Larry D. McIntosh LRRP 1966-67 has been located in Georgetown, TN. His MyPage is updated with that and his Centaur tour dates. His email is added to the Monthly Newsletter distribution.

William L. "Bill" Gausman LOH Crewmember 1971-72 now has a draft MyPage using his current photo. If you have a Nam photo of Bill, please send it to me.

"Flashlight Mission" a TLN news article (9 Jun 1969) was located by David Olsen and is now posted in the War Stories Essay section. The Glossary has been upgraded to include "Flashlight" as a type of NightHawk mission.

Talley, Izzy and the Tree" - War Story by Jim Walt has been added to the War Stories Essay section and linked to from Jim's MyPage, also to Terry Talley and Larry "Izzy" Kellum's MyPages.

Farrell Duane Swindell CW2 Cobra Pilot 1972 now has a Deceased MyPage and three MyPagePhotos using photos provided by Ken Mick. Take a look at MP1 & see if you can identify the Captain on the far right of the photo with the 101st right shoulder patch. The photo of Ken and Farrell was added to Ken's MyPage as his MP2.

Lonnie E. Weck 1LT Pilot 1972 now has a draft MyPage made from his yearbook photo. Ken Mick provided a photo of Lonnie in a group with Mike Woods, Dan Tyner, Ferrill Swindell and an unknown CPT. That was added as his MP1. Lonnie was incorrectly listed on our roster as "Veck" not Weck". That has been corrected. That group pic has been added to Tyner's Deceased MyPage as his MP1.

Cecil Gage SP4 Aerorifle Platoon RTO 1968-69 has an upgraded MyPage with a Nam photo from Pat Carrigan's Album.

Barney "Mike" Wood SGT AeroRifle Squad Leader Mar 1967 to Dec 1968 has an updated MyPage. He was listed as Barney on all our stuff, but he goes by "Mike".

Kenneth A. Breedlove SP4 Aerorifle Platoon Medic 1968 has a draft MyPage and MP1 from a Pat Carrigan photo.

Donald "Don" Borey CPT Cobra Pilot Mar 71 - Jan 72 tells what he remembers about the action where CW2 Ed Mortimer was KIA. His comments are added to the War Story "Another Scout Killed in the Mushroom" by Steve Borden.

Randy Baisden Light Scout Platoon SGT Dec 71 - Dec 72: a photo of Randy holding his F Troop Yearbook showing signatures of his fellow troopers, has been added to his MyPage as an MP. (Signatures: Gausman, LaBore, Anderson, Rogers, Beck, Villarante)

James "Mike" Richey 1LT 1972: His MyPage and the Roster was changed to show that he goes by his middle name "Mike".

John R. McWaters 1970 - 72 thought to be in the Service and Weapons Platoon. He wrote a comment in 1SG Johnny Martin's obit. Can't find any photos of him. Last known to be from Copperas Cove, TX. If you find him please request that he contact me so we can do a Mypage for him.


New 8mm Films posted!

FILM - Gordon Eatley CW2 Cobra Pilot 1971 sends in an early 1971 8mm film taken during his tour at Lai Khe. It is posted to the "Flim" section of the "PhotoAudioFilm" section of our website. It is linked to from Gordon's MyPage and listed on the Film page of the PhotoAudioFilm section.

FILM - Bruce Powell CPT Cobra Pilot 1967-68 - 8mm film going out on air assault with Dale Dow and the Aerorifles. Early 1968. Linked to from Dale's MyPage (Deceased) and listed on the Film page of the PhotoAudioFilm section.

FILM - Ed Wolfe CW2 LOH Pilot 1970-71- 8mm film of Ed flying LOH "Proud Mary" with Crew Chief Fred Vigil, formation flying wing on their AH-1G Cobra Hunter Killer Team member. Next day was crash of "Proud Mary". see also Hunter Crew and Rescue Crew KIA. It is listed on the Film page of the PhotoAudioFilm section.


Memory Jogger: Have you looked at our Memory Jogger lately? Haven't been getting enough responses to continue maintaining it. It will be removed from the main page of the website and placed back under "Wanted" in the "Centaur Society" section. Here was the Jogger last entry:

MJ062 - (19 Oct 2019) From Bill Witt: In early to mid 1968, we had a Duce or Five Ton Truck that broke down with JP-4 on it at Go Dau Ha ARVN/Fire Support Base; I volunteered along with a Mechanic from HQ Motor Pool to go get it. We flew in an OH-23 to Go Dau Ha, THREE of us in a 23, The Pilot, The Vehicle Mechanic, and I the Rifleman. We spent that day and the next two at the compound, after three days we were ready to drive the truck and much needed JP-4 back to Cu Chi. As we waited at the main gate to join the convoy to Cu Chi the MP at the gate said the Convoy to Cu Chi is Cancelled. However, the Mechanic and I Decided to go anyway, didn't want to spend another night receiving sniper fire, dodging rockets and those Big Guns Blasting. We made it back without incident on the road that is, until we got back to the Troop area. We were proud of our accomplishments however, the command wasn't pleased with our decision to drive back without a Convoy and Air Cover. Question is does anyone remember this incident Pilot, Mechanic, or Command?


Bruce Karn WO1 LOH Scout Jun 68 - Jun 69 has taken on the project of producing some patches for D and F Troop that identify you as a Centaur, without being specific of your job. Here are the current drafts. He expects to see some samples in mid November. If you have input please contact him "Karn, Bruce" <>. Also let him know if you might want to purchase any.


How to order Centaur Hats and Shirts, in case you missed it. However, all the remaining Sharks Teeth Hats are in Frank Dillon's possession. He will be selling them at the Bowling Green Reunion.


3/4 Cav Reunion 2020 in Washington, DC - John Moore has posted the Proposed Attendance Roster for the Sep 23 to Sep 27, 2020 Reunion in Northern Virginia/Wash. D. C. Send an email to John if you are currently planning to attend.


Rex Gooch 1LT Huey Pilot 1971-72, Centaur Friend and author of the "Rescue of Lady Ace" War Story, has written a new book called The Aviator. Stories of U.S. Army Helicopter Combat in the Vietnam War, 1971-72.

This book tells the stories of pilots and crew members flying combat missions in the latter years of the Vietnam War. What makes this book unique is the after telling the story of combat action highlighting a particular person, the book tells what happened to the pilot or crew member after Vietnam—all were successful in their careers and family life.

The Aviators book is available at the following:
1. On Amazon in paperback or eBook at this link: The Aviators Book (Note: The Kindle eBook looks great with color photos)
2. Author-signed copies at the book’s website: Use coupon code AV20 for a 20% discount.
3. If you need multiple copies, send me an email. He can provide the books at a discount.











CIVO Website Newsletter
1 October 2019
remember to click on the blue underlined text for more information and photos

Bowling Green, Kentucky Reunion (NEXT MONTH!!!)

videoInterviews Here are some of the folks who hope to attend the Vet's Day Centaur Reunion (9-12 Nov 2019):


Allen Allcock,
Bruce Anderson,
Randy Baisden,
Tom Boettcher,
Ron Brochu,
Jerry Brownfield,
Ray Clark,
Eddie Coopage,
Frank Dillon,
Cecil Gage,
Bill Gausman,
Lloyd Goldsmith,
Charles Hall,
Pete Holmberg,
David Hopper,
Joe Hoover,
Bob Jones,
Blane Kirby,
Colleen Maddox,
Steve Moss,
David Navarro,
Al Nixon,
Tom Noss,
Bruce Powell,
Buddy Ring,
Harry Rogers,
Richard Schwab,
Ron Smith,
Bob Tegelman,
Mike Vaughn,
Pete Villarante,
Frank Walker,
Bill Witt,
Barney "Mike" Wood,
Randy Woodley.

I invite each of you to contact me and commit to doing a Video at the reunion. Sharon and I will be on the top floor of the Hotel, midway (don't know the room number yet), both Sunday the 10th and Monday the 11th to do Video Sessions. Ray Clark will be there as our Director, helping us all to do better videos.
email or phone 619-823-0992. email preferred.

Your video does not have to be a big production. Just introduce yourself to the world and say a few words about your tour. Also would be nice to hear your favorite War Story.


New Video Interviews added to the website:

.....John Alto and Andy Gerrie, 1LT's Aerorifle Platoon Leaders 1966-67, team upin a video to tell us what it was like for them as very young, inexperienced Armor Officers tossed into an Infantry unit of an Air Cavalry Troop. Can't find Nam photo of Gerrie. Send me one if you can.

....."Wounded and Shot Down" - Mike Holder CW2 Scout Pilot, Centaur 18, does a second video interview at the Colorado Springs 2018 Reunion. Mike mentions CPT Richard Simmons (Deceased 13 Jun 1995). We have very little information on him and no photos. Can you help?


Index of Articles for John Alto 1LT Aerorifle Platoon Leader. John has so many videos and articles of information that there is not enough room on his MyPage to display them. So he now has a linked "Index of Articles" page. Eastes, Graham, Fleming and Marcinkowski also have Index of Articles pages.


Andrew R. "Andy" Gerrie 1LT Aerorifle Platoon Leader Feb 67 to Jul 67, now has a draft MyPage. Need Nam pic.


Timeline: The Timeline section has a total revision. We have been messing with it for years. To see it click the Timeline Navigation button on the left side of the website. If you want to read a little background on it then click the Intro button at the top of that page. Many thanks to Carl Betsill and Brian Harrison for their work on this. We have a long way to go. It is still a mess since many full articles are still in there. Each full article needs to be moved to the War Stories section and a summarized version left in the Timeline and linked. We have quite a few left to do.

Items moved from the old Timeline to the War Stories Essay section & linked to from the new Timeline using story summaries:

....."Join LRRP" - Tropic Lightning News article 22 March 1967

....."Countersigns Harass V.C." - Tropic Lightning News article 6 May 1966

....."Rifle Team Destroys V.C. Med Supplies" - Tropic Lightning News article 28 Oct 1966

....."Night Attack on Dau Tieng Airfield" - Army Reporter March or April 1967

....."Teamwork Pays off for Army Air Force" -Tropic Lightning News article 9 Oct 67

....."New Mexico Family Adopts Aerorifles" -Tropic Lightning News article 2 Dec 1966

....."Young Pham's Gift Explodes" - Tropic Lightning News article 9 Dec 1966

....."LRRP Action Ends in 4 VC KIA, One Distinguished Flying Cross" Tropic Lightning News 23 Dec 1966

....."How LRRP Scored Big in Op. 'Gadsden" Tropic Lightning News. This article is now linked to from, CPT Gary L. Hatfield, CPT Joseph Lacy, SSgt. Patrick L. Lacy, CPL Albert G. Pruden Jr., SP4 Larry D. McIntosh and PFC William J. Boyd III MyPages


Letter Home 6 July 1967: Bruce Powell's letter home concerning Iron Triangle Battles in May 67 has been posted to the War Stories Essay section and linked to from his page and from the Timeline. In it a LRRP KIA was mentioned. We will try to find out who that was and post it. Any ideas?


Gregory L. Wilson, 1LT Deceased 23 June 2013. We have VHPA confirmation of his death but very litte other info. There is a Gregory L. Wilson Obituary at, but we can't confirm that this is him. Can you help?

.....Ron Radcliffe said that it was a "Wilson" who was flying the slick that came in to help LaBore get Martindale's body on the 28 April 1972 battle. That's the day Radcliffe and LaBore did in a tank with a White Phosphorous Grenade.

.....Pete Holmberg knew Greg Wilson well. They both graduated in 1969 from the college of forestry at Colorado State University where they first met. He may have been in Pete's flight school class since they went to RVN on the same plane. He may have went to the 101st like Pete but eventually both ended up in F-4 after 101 went back to Ft Campbell in Feb ‘72. Greg DROSed in the June timeframe due to some early out opportunity. Lost contact after that.

Peter Holmberg 1LT LOH Pilot 1972, sent in better photos for his MyPage. They have been posted and he has also been linked to the Rescue of Lady Ace story.

Fix Your MyPage: Please take another look at your MyPage and see if you have some better photos you would like used instead of what is there. Just email me the photos and any other changes you would like to see. It is your page and it should look the way you want it to.


Robert B. Long CW2 Pilot 1971-72 has a draft MyPage using his F Troop Yearbook photo. He has been sent a Welcome Letter and we hope to hear from him soon.


Adrian Sipple CW2 Pilot 1965 - 1966 now has a MyPage with two MP's and a draft InfoSheet.


Michael L. Iler CW2 pilot March 1966 to Mar 1967 (Deceased). Nine long lost photos were located and turned into a Photo Album linked to his deceased MyPage, and listed in the Photo/Slides section of PhotoAudioFilm. One of his photos was used to create a rough draft MyPage for William V. Carroll.


William V. Carroll CW2 pilot 1965 to Mar 1967 (is that right?) now has a rough draft MyPage using a photo from the Mike Iler photo album.


James Clyde Spears CW2 Pilot D Troop, 1966 from Riverview, AL died 23 September 2018. In Aug 2018 we mistakenly had him listed on our Deceased roster and the Cav had him in their Fiddlers Cove section. Turned out to be a mistake and had to be corrected. We were never able to get in touch with him. Then recently his Obituary was found and his now listed in our Deceased section with a link to his Obit. An MP3 was added to his page from the Mike Iler Album.


Gary Portas SP4 Aerorifles and Heavy Scouts Door Gunner Mar 67 to Mar 68. Bob Taylor is working on that..


Bob Taylor provided two Heavy Weapons Platoon group photos that were added to his MP's. They were also linked to the MyPages of all the men in the photos. Can you identify the people marked unknown? Also what is Johnson's first name? And Stiles first name? We had an email address forJohn K. Hart <> but it doesn't work. Please get him intouch with me.


John K. Hart, Heavy Scout Crewman 1967-68 has a rough draft MyPage using Bob Tayor's Group Photo.


Richard A. Honyoust SP5 Heavy Weapons Platoon 1968 has a rough draft MyPage using a photo from Bob Taylor


Arived Hardenbrook SP4 Heavy Weapons Platoon 1967 has a rough draft MyPage using a photo from Bob Taylor.


Richard A. Bell CPT(Promotable) F Troop Commander Jun to Jul 1971. No photo available but his name is now linked to his Info Sheet. Randy Jones remembers him and makes comments. Do you remember him or the incident at the Iron Triangle where CW2 Mortimer was killed? Says Joel Andres (Flt Surgeon involved) may give us more details (copied Andres)


Farrell "Funnell" D. Swindell CW2 Cobra Pilot 1972 Centaur 55 (deceased 25 Aug 2014). We cannot find any photos of him. Look thru the 1972 Yearbook and see if you can spot a photo of him. We have an InfoSheet in place of a MyPage until we get a photo.


John D. Dismer CW2 Heavy Scout Gun Pilot Mar 1966 to March 1967 - John Moore sends photo (purple heart society) and bio. A MyPage has been created for him with an InfoSheet. A Welcome email was sent to him. Hope to hear from him soon.


Richard Kline SP4 1972 - Found a note from Rick in 1SG Martin's obit. Sent him a Centaur Welcome email and hope to hear more from him. A draft MyPage has been made using his Yearbook photo.


Stephen C. Moss CPT Cobra Pilot 1972 to Mar 1973 now has a draft MyPage using a photo from the Yearbook. He has a link to the Rescue of Lady Ace Story. Steve may attend the Centaur Vet's Reunion this year.


Donald L. Jameson 1LT Aerorifles 1970-71 recently retired and his company requested to be unsubscribed from our newsletter. I ask them to contact him for us. They did and he contacted me!! and we sent him a Cewrightntaur Welcome email. No word back yet.


Jerry Wright 1LT Aerorifles, not on our Roster. He was listed in our old files as the Aerorifle Platoon Leader 1965, therefore not considered a Centaur unless he went to Vietnam in some other capacity. Dwain Adkins remembers him. We know that John Alto was the Aerorifle Platoon leader that took the unit to Nam. So what happened to Jerry Wright?

We do have a 1LT Gerald L. Wright, pilot 1967, listed, but our email address for him is not valid. Shows him from Mesa, AZ. Get his email for us if you can.


Randy Meade's photo album was not linked to from the Photo/Slides page. Now fixed.


Troop Commanders list from War Stories Discussion has been updated with information found on 25th Inf Div website (that info is noted at the bottom of the Discussion Page).


Centaur History of the M60 Machine Gun - You remember the great research article Michael Peake did on the 40mm Grenade Launchers in our History section. Well Mike has begun gathering detailed info and experiences with the M60 Machine Gun to do a similar article on it. How did you use/modify it? Successes and failures?

......He has the data from the War Story Discussion "Door Gunners and Their Weapons".

......Please send your stories, comments, ideas to Mike and copy me. "Peake, Michael" <> Thanks


Centaur Shirts and Hats are available for order from Christine Dow Smith. Item #59 in the Help/Answers section of the website has the details.




Marshall Huckaby's article "ICE" presents some serious information for all us old veterans.

You need to have an In Case of Emergency (ICE) Folder to asset your survivors for when you answer the final roll call.

At a recent Ranger Rendezvous I was enjoying the company of my LRRP Commander from Vietnam, 1966 (Mark Ponzillo). At the Friday Night Banquet we laughed and talked of old times and about things we still wanted to do. Little did I know that two days later I’d be helping his family find his records, forms, and information necessary to arrange for his service and for the financial well-being of his wife.

I found his DD-214, VA File number, and DFAS (Defense Financing and Accounting Services) information, so we had enough information to arrange his service. The task now was how to notify the appropriate agencies for his SBP (Survivor Benefit Plan), her VA DIC (Dependency and Indemnity Compensation), and his Social Security.

Some things the funeral home can and does asset with, but some things are no so easy! For instance…how do I contact the VA for her DIC? I can find the forms, but how do I report his passing? DFAS DFAs has an on-line process, just Goggle..”How to report a Veteran’s Death”! I finally found a number to call and luckily I found a VA person who was understanding and willing to assist. After a few minutes, he had enough data to get her a packet in the mail. The same for DFAS.

There are a number of things I’ve learned in the past couple of years dealing with the passing of family members and this recent experience. For one thing, I learned that in Georgia that your joint bank account just may not be! There is (in the cases I was working with) a place on one of the bank forms for “Right of Survivorship”. Again, this was my experience, but the bank account could be locked if there is no right of survivorship which allows the surviving party to have full access to the account. I got with my banks and convinced them to “please check” as they were arguing that it was automatic. They came back, apologized and explain that in Georgia, the form must be checked for “Right of Survivorship”. Now I am not giving legal advice, only telling you of my experience.

So what should in your ICE folder?”
(1) You need a copy of your DD-214;
(2) A copy of your DFAS pay information;
(3) Social Security information;
(4) A document with your VA File Number if you are drawing disability;
(5) What you want your service to be...cremated, in-ground burial, etc…you can even indicate you want on your headstone;
(6) Have a listing of people you want to be notified;
(7) Bank and Credit Union information;
(8) Security and Gun safe combinations, and,
(9) An updated will.
Maybe even a picture you would want publicized. I’ve even know of guys who wrote their own obituaries.
I realize you may have told your wife all this stuff, but what if someone other than your wife is handling your affairs. In some States if you do not have a “good” will, the State can and might attach your assets!
So the next time you are thinking of showing your neighbor how to do a PLF (Parachute Landing Fall) off your garage…or before you say…”here hold my beer and watch this!”…get your ICE Chest properly stocked ( no…not the one with your beer in it”…the other one).
Be prepared!

ICE chest

If you want a copy of the checklist, do a "Screen Capture" with your keyboard and then Print. All computers can do this. If you have problems, search for "Screen Capture" in Google.


Techno Babble (AutoPlay Videos): When you go to any of our Centaur videos, they should automatically begin playing. If it doesn't automatically play with your browser (i.e. you have to click the play button to make it work), you can change that. For example, the Firefox browser has a default that does not allow movies and audio to play automatically, even if programmed to do so. It can be changed by going into the Preferences of Firefox (upper right corner), clicking on "Privacy and Security", finding the word "AutoPlay" and clicking the "Settings" button to the right of it; then click "Allow Audio and Video". Email me if you have problems.

Techno Babble (Play Videos Full Screen): The Centaur videos are coded to play Full Screen on your computer (HTML5 Video), but you have to request it by clicking a full screen button somewhere on the video screen within your Browser. It is much better to watch our videos in full screen. We have added more details on how to do this at item 58 in the Help/Answers section of the website. Email me if you have problems.














CIVO Website Newsletterlogo
4 September 2019
remember to click on the blue underlined text for more information and photos

"The more we learn about our Centaur Brothers, the prouder we get"

Centaur Veteran's Day Reunion 2019: Time to start getting excited about going to the reunion in Bowling Green, Kentucky on Vet's day 9 to 12 November 2019. It is only 2 months away. Need to get planning. At our ages just how many more opportunities will we have to meet, shake hands, and tell war stories with our amazing Centaur Brothers. Send Harry Rogers an email ( and click here to register for your room at the preferred rate that Harry has set up for us. Need to do it now!

When emailing Harry Rogers about the Centaur Vets Reunion, please copy Frank Dillon (, who is assisting him.

Video Interviews:The Centaur Videographer (me) plans to be there to video record a short session with each of you who might agree to do one. They are simple, short, with no cost or obligation to you. Your video is edited and presented to you for your approval before being published on our Centaur Legacy website. Your face, your voice, your stories will become part of the living legacy of our unique combat unit. It will be archived for future generations to see. Please don't miss out this great opportunity.
(take a look at some of the 200 videos we already have on the website)

Will you do a video? For the Video Interviews to work I need to hear from you in advance of the reunion. Depending on the response that you provide me, a schedule will be prepared that will have the day and time that you agree to be there for the shoot. Location of the Video room in the hotel will be announced later. The schedule will be designed to not interfer with the other reunion activities. Please email me soon!

Volunteer helpers? Let me know if you would like to help out in some way with this project.

Here is a list of people who have either committed or are at least planning to attend the reunion:

mapAllen Allcock
Bruce Anderson
Randy Baisden
Tom Boettcher
Ron Brochu
Jerry Brownfield
Frank Dillon
Bill Gausman
David Hopper
Joe Hoover
Bob Jones
Blane Kirby
Colleen Maddox
Steve Moss
David Navarro
Al Nixon
Bruce Powell
Buddy Ring
Harry Rogers
Rick Roll
Ron Smith
Bill Steinbeck
Bob Tegelman
Mike Vaughn
Pete Villarante
Frank Walker
Randy Woodley


Possible Centaur Website confusion: The Newsletter, with its hyperlinks directly into the pages of the website (blue underlined text), has made it so easy to find things that some folks don't know how to get into the website on their own. Here is how:

.....1. Open your browser on your phone, iPad or computer.

.....2. Type in and click

.....3. Add this site to your bookmarks.

.....4. If you wish to help us grow the influence of our site on the web, please log in frequently and view a few things. Websites with a lot of activity get more attention from search bots (like Google) and therefore are more likely to show more Centaur website pages in their search results. This increases the chances, of someone searching for Vietnam information (like a lost Centaur), to discover our site.


Website Updates and Corrections

Roy T. Walker MSG, Troop 1SG 1972, died 28 September 2013. He now has a Deceased MyPage and updated InfoSheet with Obituary.


Don Hamuel Ware SP4 LOH Crewchief 1971-72, (KIA 20 Feb 1972) has an MP2 provided by Richard Schwab


Marshall Huckaby SSG, Centaur LRRP now lives in Perry, GA. Please read more about your fellow Centaur and be grateful that we have such a great man as our brother. He works tirelessly to find and bring in our lost LRRP Centaurs; he helps with the 3/4 Cav Reunions and the Centaur Website. He has a vey distinguished military career with three tours in Nam; Valor awards and Four Purple hearts (was bayoneted in hand to hand combat); Marshall, a retired 1SG, was inducted into the Georgia Military Veterans Hall of Fame in November 2018. Photo added to his InfoSheet.


James M. "Jim" Richey, 1LT Slick pilot 1972 has checked in. We hope to get more info from him soon.


Aubrey D. Dismukes, CPT Maintenance and LOH Scout Pilot has checked in and now has a draft MyPage. Aubrey flew with Blue Max his first tour then went to Maintenance school and on to F Troop. He was the Maintenance Officer a few months. Did OH-6A qualification at net team in Vung Tau, then was a Scout Pilot (LOH) in the Scout Platoon (call sign Centaur 10). More info on him at the Purple Heart website. We will continue to build his MyPage as he sends us more photos and information.


Oscar Thoreson, MAJ Troop Commander 1967, died 31 August 1996 (age 63), now has a draft MyPage based on a photo from Frank Delvy. Also has an InfoSheet based on info from VHPA.


Charles F. O'Connell III, CPT Cobra Pilot 1971-72 has an upgraded MyPage with current photo and InfoSheet with photo of he and his wife. Chuck is now linked to the Rescue of Lady Ace story. Hope to hear more from him.


Fred "Andy" Anderson (Fritz?) Check out this obituary and let us know if you think this is our Fred Anderson: CLICK HERE. (or


Paul Fegal Service Platoon has a rough draft MyPage from an Allen Allcock photo. Can you tell us anything about him? Is Fegal correct, or might it be Fegel?


John E. Dobash SP5 LOH Scout Observer Gunner, KIA 25 April 1969, now has a group photo with him & Jim Walt added to his MP's. Photo also added to Jim Walt's MP's. John's InfoSheet has been cleaned up and a photo added.


Bill Steinbeck SP5 Motor Pool 1971-72 has an upgraded MyPage with current photo. Bill and his wife Jaunita have their photo on his draft MyPage.


Peter "Pete" Holmberg 1LT LOH Scout Pilot 1972 checked in and provided a current photo for his MyPage. Pete had a great military career ending with him retiring as a full Colonel and starting (and still running) a Dive shop in South Puget Sound, WA (South Puget Sound Scuba). See a photo of he and his wife Mary, and more information on his new InfoSheet


James E. Tatko 1LT Pilot 1966-67 now has a draft MyPage using a High School Graduation photo provided by John Moore. Do any of you 1966 guys remember him? Have a photo? Check out more information at his new InfoSheet.


Randolph W. "Randy" Jones CW2 Cobra Pilot 1970-71, has provided a current photo for his new MyPage. Randy stayed in the Army and retired from his great military career as a CW5. You may remember, from his InfoSheet, his Silver Star citation for courageous actions in 1993 at Mogadishu, Somalia.


Hugh Sandy McLeod 1LT Cobra Pilot has an improved MyPage showing that he was the Armament Officer and a Cobra Aircraft Commander. The photo of he and Randy Jones has been added as an MP1.


Steve Moss CPT Cobra Pilot 1972-73 has checked in and is planning to join us at the Bowling Green Reunion. Steve lost all his Nam photos. Might you know of a Nam photo of him? We do have the yearbook photo.


Troop Commanders List: This is a new War Stories Discussion page. The men who served as Troop Commanders for both D and F Troops are listed as best we know. Please review this page and provide any info that you can. For example: who was the Signal Corps MAJ who took the Centaurs to Vietnam?


Combat Radio Usage is a new War Story Discussion page. Imagine the trouble we would have been in if we had not had such a tremendous array of radios to communicate with and the men to keep them working. I'm afraid that many of us took them for granted. Time to learn more about them all, including many things we didn't even know then.


Dropbox (large file transfer service) has been dropped from favor by CIVO:

Brian "Stretch" Harrison, a CIVO Director, has provided a solution for all of us to handle the transfer of large documents, photos, or folders of data to the Webmaster. It is an easier and more secure method.

Dropbox was an early tool for sharing files quickly but unfortunately it takes a techie at both ends to set up and use safely and correctly…

Dropbox usage instructions have been deleted from the Centaur website Help/Answers section and replaced with what Stretch has set up for us.

Here is how it works:

1. CLICK HERE to go to the special Google Share Folder. The sole purpose of the folder is to allow the transfer of large files between Centaurs/CentaurFriends and the Webmaster. note actual HTML address is:

2. Drag and drop a picture, or a folder of pictures, into the web browser window and Google uploads it to their cloud. The original(s) files stay on your computer.

3. Send an email to the Webmaster (or recipient) to let them know the file is ready for download.

The recipient can then go to this same folder and right-click on a picture, or a folder of pictures and choose where to download them on their computer (downloads folder, desktop folder, etc.). The folder can be deleted then to save space in the Google folder.

Note that anyone, with the link above, can add or delete anything, so the contents are not permanent by design (only used for transport). The original(s) files stay on your computer

Stretch has dropped a folder of his pictures into the shared folder above. Feel free to delete one of the pictures as a test, and upload a picture or a folder of pictures of yours as a test. Depending on internet speeds it may take a minute or so to finish an upload or download. Give this a try and let Stretch know if you have any questions.

Side Note: If anyone wants some permanent view-only folders (no delete allowed) just let me know and I’ll be glad to set up: Here’s an example (different link) - CLICK HERE or
You should only be able to view - and not delete - these :-)

To contact Stretch, send email to: "Harrison, Brian" <>




Mark Ponzillo Military Interment: by Marshall Huckaby

75th rangers

My 25th Infantry Division LRRP Commander (RVN 1966) and good friend, LTC (Ret) Mark Ponzillo Jr., was interred on July 31st, 2019 in the Georgia National Cemetery, Canton, Georgia. The service was well attended and was worthy for a departing warrior.

There were many SF and LRRP Veterans in attendance, but the most moving event was the honor presented by the 75th Ranger Regiment, followed by a Huey fly over.

The Huey Flyover arranged for Mark's Internment was coordinated by Donnie Brown. His moving comments of the event are shown below. Marshall


I would like to share a recent event of an Honor Flight for LTC Mark Ponzillo at the Georgia National cemetery in Canton Ga.LTC Ponzillo was a member of Special Forces, LRRPs, MSOG and served 3 combat tours in Vietnam Nam.He received Silver Star, Purple Heart, Legion of Merit with cluster and many other medals, he also had a Master Parachutist badge. Quite a Soldier. He was a native of New York but lived his final days in Thomasville Ga. Our flight crew for this mission was Jack McCormick Pilot,Dave Rayburn co-pilot and Warren Taylor crew chief. I was the ground control guy .This particular day our ground radio was broken so we had to use cell phone text as our communication .I arrived to the site ahead of time and did a quick recon and spoke with Jack about our plans. We did a text test for timing and it was instantaneous so we were ready to go. As the everyone was preparing for the interment I positioned my self for a clear view of the aircraft and nothing to do but wait I watched as the Army color guard and bugler practiced for the up coming event. Patriot Guard Riders were also there and I watched as they too prepared for LTC Ponzillo, then there was a film crew as well. Jack had told me he would fly in North to South turn right and come back over West to East with a blade tilt and salute on the way out. I confirmed this with the film guys. My next thing to do was to coordinate the actual fly in time. Jack had sent me a text that he was orbiting two and a half minutes out. David Dunlap was the service Director and a personal friend of the Ponzillo family. He would be the final speaker and would give the surprise announcement that a Huey would be flying over. At that time the crowd would come out from the pavilion and face north to see the approaching Helicopter. I sent the Text calling the flight crew in and it failed. I sent it again and by now the folks are coming out to see the Huey. I'm thinking seconds seem like minutes. Come on guys please say you got my text. Then Dave sends me a confirmation their two miles out. I look down at the crowd looking North. You could have heard a pin drop and then I hear THAT SOUND ,you know that faint whop of the Urnblades as it gets closer it gets louder ,their coming to take us out sound.I could see the faces of the family and friends and knew they understood .It was as if we were taking the LTC out. Couldn't help it tears ran down my face. Jack, Dave and Warrens flight in was perfect I felt honored to be there and a strong since of pride for the flight crew. These honor flights touch the families and friends and are a privilege for all of us. I've had the good fortune to be part of the flight crew in the air and to give a perspective as ground support is a heart felt moment I'll always remember . No the timing wasn't as I planned it but that minute and half pause and anticipation was magical. I wish LTC Ponzillo's family and friends the very best and thank him for his service to our country. Sincerely Donny Brown


Is the VA the end of the road for my medical problems?
Maybe not. The VA is not the end of the road for veterans! There is an alternative.
(A possible lifesaving article by Tom Meeks)

.....Did you know that you are eligible to go to the best hospital in the world? It is the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minnesota).

.....What is the Mayo Clinic?
The Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization committed to clinical practice, education and research, providing expert, whole-person care to everyone who needs healing.

Anyone can request an appointment at Mayo Clinic. If a physician referral is required, the appointment staff will advise you. Some insurers require referrals, or may have additional requirements for certain medical care. All appointments are prioritized on the basis of medical need.

Compassion is at the heart of this very amazing organization. At Mayo Clinic, unhurried, comprehensive evaluations offer the best chance of healing and getting back to your life. Over 1 million patients from 140 countries every year will attest to that.

When you seek care at Mayo Clinic, a multidisciplinary team of experts works together to ensure all your needs are met and all your cancer treatment options are considered

.....How can you become a patient of the Mayo?
1. Call them at Central Appointment Office: 507-538-3270. ...
2. Submit an Online Request for an appointment at Mayo Clinic's campus in Minnesota using their online form.
3. Ask your Doctor to help you.

.....More Information: The Mayo Clinic is 129 years old. William Worrall Mayo, M.D., a frontier doctor, settled his young family in Rochester, MN, when he was appointed as an examining surgeon for the Union Army during the Civil War. In the 1880s, his sons, William and Charles, finished medical school and joined his medical practice.

It has grown into a nonprofit hospital system with campuses in Rochester, Minnesota; Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona; and Jacksonville, Florida. It also has multiple smaller clinics thru out MN, WI, IO, IL, SD & NC. It employs at its main campuses 63,000 people, including more than 4,500 physicians and scientists and 58,400 administrative and allied health staff, as of 2018. Mayo Clinic receives about $634 million in research funding from the government, foundations, industry groups and benefactor gifts. As of 2012, Mayo Clinic's research personnel included more than 3,000 students, allied health personnel, physicians and medical scientists. Two years running, 2018 & 2019 it was named the best hospital in the United States.

Yes, your insurance is probably accepted at the Mayo; and if it isn't, they do a lot of Pro Bono (free) work. Here are some: Contracted insurance plans, Medicare, Medicaid. Tricare/Champus, HMOs. Other insurance types such as disability insurance, motor vehicle insurance, prescription card plans and workers' compensation.

Get on it right away; get yourself the care you need.













CIVO Website Newsletter
6 August 2019
remember to click on the blue underlined text for more information and photos

The Blessing of Combat Camaraderie: Why do we spend so much time, effort and money to continue to build the Centaur Legacy Website? It is hard for some to understand how feelings from a half century ago can still be so strong. I wish I had the capability to fully express my thoughts in the elegant manner of former Marine Michael Norman:

"I now know why men who have been to war yearn to reunite. Not to tell stories or look at old pictures. Not to laugh or weep. Comrades gather because they long to be with the men who once acted their best, men who suffered and sacrificed, who were stripped raw, right down to their humanity.

I did not pick these men. They were delivered by fate. But I know them in a way I know no other men. I have never given anyone such trust. They were willing to guard something more precious than my life. They would have carried my reputation, the memory of me. It was part of the bargain we all made, the reason we were so willing to die for one another.

I cannot say where we are headed. Ours are not perfect friendships; those are the province of legend and myth. A few of my comrades drift far from me now, sending back only occasional word. I know that one day even these could fall to silence. Some of the men will stay close, a couple, perhaps, always at hand.

As long as I have memory, I will think of them all, every day. I am sure that when I leave this world, my last thought will be of my family and my comrades...such good men.


Mark Mark Ponzillo CPT LRRP Commander 1966-67 has died (14 July 2019).

.....His name has been added to the In Memoriam/Deceased page. His Obituary has been linked to his MyPage.
.....Our great friends and comrades in the initial LRRP unit (1966-67) and the following units of F Troop, 50th and 75th Rangers have lost their greatest hero and founder.
.....Those of you who worked with Mark in combat can send me your memories to be posted on his InfoSheet. Please do this.
.....Let us show our respect for this great warrior by taking the time to reread his amazing story about how he single handedly built the LRRP Unit for the 3/4 Cav and the 25th Inf Div; and did it all within our Centaur unit. See Chapter 10 page 133- 145 of Carl Burn's book "Centaurs In Vietnam". Also watch the 23 minute video that he did for us at the Nashville Reunion in 2012. What a story! What a man.

Marshall Huckaby, LRRP, Centaur & Mark's close friend sends us this report: Mark Ponzillo was laid to rest with full military honors at the Georgia National Cemetery. A detachment from the 75th Ranger Regiment served as poll bearers and escort. They also honored Mark with the playing of taps and a rifle salute. The service was conducted by a Young Ranger Chaplain Captain. He was tremendous. It was truly dignified and respectful. David Dunlap, son of LRRP James Dunlap, arranged for a UH-1 Fly-by and salute by the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation. It was a fitting conclusion to the ceremony that a Huey should be present at Mark's internment. The wop-wop of the Huey's blades are definitely the soundtrack of our lives !!!!! (please take the time to review Marshalls MyPage and links. He is a LRRP extraordinaire)


New CIVO Director: Thomas "Sam" Dooling CW2, LOH and Cobra Pilot 1969-70, was nominated to become a member of the Centaurs In Vietnam Organization (CIVO) Board. He has accepted (19Jul2019). A new group photo of all 13 Directors has been posted to the website in the Contact Us section.


Understanding our Board of Directors Concept:
.....We are not a federally registered formal organization (someday maybe). We operate as a committee with no designated leader, equal authority, consensus decisions, and level of mutual respect formed by our combat brotherhood.
.....Our Directors are not figureheads, or selected for their rank or social status. They are all workhorses. They have the job because they believe in the Centaur Legacy Mission (the recorded history of the Centaur units as told by the men) and are willing to spend the time, money and effort to make it happen.
.....If you take a look at all the Centaur tour dates of the Directors, you will notice that nearly every tour of all Centaurs (1966-1973) is represented:



Hand Salute: The CIVO Directors would like to thank Mike Holder for his selfless work in helping fellow Centaur Chester Stanley through some real tough times. Mike doesn't just talk about Brotherhood, he lives it.


George F. Schmalhofer 1LT 1969-70. The email address we have for him doesn't work <>. Anyone in contact or remember anything about him?


Couples Photos to InfoSheet: Lin Riniker and Marty Jenkins sent in photos of themselves with their wives which are now posted on their InfoSheets. You should do this too if you haven't already.


William M. McConnell 1SG F Troop 1972, deceased 3 January 2008, has been added to the Centaur Roster. He had served in the Korean War and did three tours in Nam. When 1SG Johnny Martin was killed, MSG William M. McConnell became the First Sergeant of F Troop. He had been in that position only days, when on a mission where he was coordinating a Search and Rescue, he was seriously wounded. He now has a Deceased MyPage and InfoSheet. Some thought the Slick that he was in was in that new UH-1H that we don't even have a record of (Serial Number starts with 71-xxxxx). Dan Miller might send some photos and info. Maybe it was MAJ Kermit Larson's C&C bird flown by Pappy Jones.


Memory Jogger 051 - (9 Jul 2019): From Frank Dillon: the 71-xxxxx (tail number not known) Slick was a replacement for MAJ John Spencer’s 881 Slick that had an engine failure and was slung back to Tan My minus the tail boom. Could this be the one that Dennis Hogan is flying in his MP2 photo? Someone said that John Spencer said it was Pappy Jones who took the 1971 Slick out and brought it back with 80+ bullet holes in it. We assume that was when 1SG McConnell was wounded. (We need info/photos on this and on McConnell)


Joseph S. Bowen CPT Operations Officer 1973 now has a draft MyPage using a photo from Dennis Hogan. We have a bad email address for him: "Bowen, Joseph" <>. Maybe you can help? Last known address was: Ozark, AL 1972-73


Paul F. Hutson PFC Aircraft Armament Repairman 1967 was the unknown in Memory Jogger MJ011 (photo by Terry Vaughn). He has been identified by Doug Olsen and Harold Deist and a MyPage created with two MP's from Doug Olsen's Photo Album.


Herman W. "Bill" Witt SP4 Aerorifleman and Door Gunner 1967-68 has his Cobra photos posted to a Photo Album linked to from his MyPage and from the PhotoAudioFilm section. Can you identify any of the Maintenance guys in the photos of his Photo Album?


Bruce E. Anderson SP4 Door Gunner & Crew Chief for LOH Scouts March to September 1972 has an improved MyPage with Nam photo and an InfoSheet with a picture of he and his wife Joan. Bruce was Gunner for Ron Radcliffe when he wounded on 23 May 1972. He was with Fred Ledfors when he was shot down on 20 Jun 1972. We need more information on those two incidents.


Robert "Butch" Glenn PFC Aerorifleman 1969 contacted us and now has an InfoSheet. We hope to hear more from him and maybe get some photos.


Hal Hebert SP5 Crew Chief Heavy Scouts 1967 has an InfoSheet that you should read. Maybe you can add some details to his list of memory snippets. A photo of Hal and his wife Patricia has been added. (do you have your wife up on your InfoSheet Yet?)


John B. Scott PV3 Aerorifleman 1967 has a very rough draft MyPage made from Herman Witt's MP6. Need info and a better photo.


Dennis Mike Hogan CW2 Slick pilot 1972-73 now has an InfoSheet and a couple photos of destroyed enemy tanks from near Wunder Beach which were sand dunes South of the Twin Steeples (Location/Photos?). He also mentioned the term "Tennessee Valley", South of the A Shau Valley. Do you remember any of these names/locations?

Dennis also provided a VHPA Reunion pic (from 90's) of he and Hayden "Pappy" Jones. It has been added as an MP to each of their pages.


Gary M. Portas SP4 Heavy Scout Door Gunner 1967-68. Hal Hebert contacted Gary and Sally by phone. We sent them a Welcome email and hope to hear back from them. Gary's name is mentioned several times in Powell's Gun Platoon Notes (1967).


Richard E. Bernier, LOH Scout Crew Chief, Centaur 12a, 1970-71 has checked in looking to contact his pilots Sparrow and Broadbent. No MyPage or photos yet. Hope to hear more from him soon.


Richard Parrish has moved to Kentucky. His MyPage is updated.


James F. "JC" Carnathan CW2 LOH Scout Pilot has a newspaper article from August 19, 1970 (The Tampa Tribune) added to his InfoSheet. Article was found by John Moore. Eric Brethan is in contact with JC and hopes to help him get more info and photos to us.


Henry H. "Rick' Roll 1LT D Troop (Air), 3rd Sqdn, 5th Cav, Heavy Scout Gunpilot 1967 has been added to the Centaur Friends Roster. He has a MyPage and InfoSheet. He trained with the Centaurs in 1967 for a couple months. Rick is a lifetime member of the VHPA and reunion organizer for his unit the Crusaders. He added his email address ("Roll, Rick" <>) in case any Centaurs would like to talk to him.


Jan C. White SP4 LOH Crew Chief 1970-71 has an upgraded MyPage. Jan and his wife Trudy own “Dat Cajun Place” restaurant in Panama City Beach, FL. Jan crewed LOH's Proud Mary and Sweet Cream Lady.


Michael A. Norris LRRP 1966-67 has a rough draft MyPage and MP1 using a photo from Bill Boyd's album


Charles Loher LRRP and C model Gunship Doorgunner has a rough draft MyPage and MP1 using a photo from Bill Boyd's album. He is also now linked to Powell's Unfinished Letter War Story where he is mentioned as a Door Gunner.


Robert "Wayne" Ayres CW2 Assistant Operations Officer 1970, now has a draft MyPage. We will continue to search for more info on him to do an InfoSheet.


Update to the "Rescue of Lady Ace" July 1972 article by Rex Gooch:

.....USMC CPT Alan Zygowicz CH-46 pilot has been added to the story. Alan also has a Centaur Friends page that includes a VHPA reunion photo of him with Centaurs. His InfoSheet tells of his part in the battle and his text has also been added to the Rescue of Lady Ace War Story.

.....Terrance W. Hawkinson CW2 Cobra Pilot, deceased 1 January 1996. No photos but we have created a draft MyPage using his grave stone. Some one must remember him? Photos?

.....Ferrell Duane Swindell CW2 deceased 25 August 2014. His name is now linked to an InfoSheet/Obit. Need photos.

.....Many names that were not linked to their MyPages have now been properly linked.

.....If your name is shown on this War Story page, would you please send in any comments or other information that you might remember.

Can you help us find photos and information on these men mentioned in the Lady Ace story:
.....Centaur names mentioned in the story that are not on our roster;
..........CPT Stephen C. Moss Cobra Copilot - Bensalem, PA
..........1LT James Hogg - Aerorifle Platoon Leader
..........SP4 Jerry Evans - Slick Gunner
..........SP4 Mathew Mano - Slick Crew Chief
..........SP4 Paul Sofia - Aerorifleman
.....Centaur names that are on our roster but no information or photos:
..........1SG Gilbert Carrasco - Platoon SGT on that mission
..........SGT Richard L. Dyer - Squad Leader
..........SP4 Johnny M. McReynolds - Slick Gunner
..........SP4 Edward Sodja - Rifleman


Centaur Personal Weapons:

.....Lin Riniker Armament Repairman 1972, has taken on the task of writing the personal weapons section of the Website (History/Equipment/Ordnance/Personal). We have many photos and stories that could be worked in to the new article. Our published war stories could be linked where appropriate.

.....There is much already on our website, but the site has gotten so big that it would be hard for one person to find all the photos and stories that could be used. Hope you can help by sending your ideas and information directly to Lin.

.....A few things that come to my mind besides the history of the officially assigned weapons:

..............I carried a Winchester 12 Gauge pump shotgun and a frag grenade flying OH-23's in 67. Found it to be useless in flight but gave me comfort in case I went down.

..............John Gough Heavy Scout CE insisted on carrying a Swedish K as his backup. During an engagement over the Cholon area of Saigon, when it became necessary to use, it immediately jammed. See Gough MyPage, MP2

..............When TJ Lange Heavy Scout Crew Chief needed a backup weapon on a hot mission, he grabbed Jeff Halliday's M16 from the back of the pilots seat. TJ never realized that many of the pilots never spent any time at all cleaning their personal weapons. It jammed on him in a life and death situation. see story.

..............As Cobra Pilots we initially carried the Colt 45 or the 38 in a shoulder holster; or some had it attached to their Chicken Plate. The M16 just didn't have a place in that small cockpit. When the CAR 15 came out it was a prized weapon; small, deadly and accurate.

..............Our Huey Door Gunners prided themselves in their care, maintenance and innovative ideas for their M60 Door Guns. It might be better to have a different article that just covers our Door Gunners and their M60s.
..............Since our Aviation unit had organic infantry and LRRPs we can include their weapon stories and photos.


40mm Grenade Launcher Variations: A discussion of possible different variations of the 40mm has been posted to the bottom of the 40mm Grenade Launcher History page.


20mm Cannon page of the History section has some comments added by Lin Riniker and Richard Parrish.


Added to Glossary: ECB, Mini-Cav, Eagle Flight, Scramble, Anti-Torque, Anti-Torque Failure, RPM's, Break-Break, Will Comply, Copy That, Going Hot, Deadman Trigger, Fox Mike, Counter Mortar Standby, Gunship, Gun Team, Door Gun, SOI, XM-21, XM-16


Boonie Hats War Story Discussion page is updated with comment from Powell's Gun Platoon Notes.


The Radios of Combat:

......This is now a new Discussion Page in our War Stories section. We have a great Avionics page in our History Section, showing photos and describing the radios that the Centaurs used in combat. But there is much more to this story. How and where the radios and various components were used is the additional story.

......Look over the discussion so far and add your remembrances to this page (email me).


Scramble the Guns:

.....In 1966-68 the Troop Operations used a siren to alert and launch (scramble) the standby Gunship support team. As I recall the Oogha Horn was used to scramble one of our on standby Slicks for a Medevac operation.

.....What are your memories? What was used in later years?


Memory Jogger: Don't forget to review the Jogger frequently since things are entered in there long before the newsletter comes out.



.....We have three yearbooks posted on our website (go to the PhotoAudioFilm section and scroll to the bottom). They have been extrememly useful. 1970, 1971 & 1971-72

.....A big project that has yet to be started is going through and Identifying all the photos and replacing the BS captions with actual names. Editing the names into the online version of the Yearbook to replace the BS ones will be a challenge, but would be well worth it.

.....It would save me a lot of work if one or two men from that era took on the task, exchanging emails, starting a text file of names vs BS captions. I would then take the final product and update the YearBooks. Any takers?


Reunion Video Interviews Colorado Springs 2018:

.....Harlan Gray Sparrow III tells of the VC Monkey

.....Mike Holder tells of his tour and the men he flew with

.....The movies are linked to from each man's MyPage and from the War Stories Video page. More to come.


The concept of Hyperlinking words, phrases and acronmyns to make our stories more understandable for our many non military viewers.

......Hyperlinking means to add computer code to a word, phrase or image. This allows a user to click on that item and be taken to another location, like a glossary or something presenting more information. Text items are identified as having that code by being colored blue and underlined.

......More and more folks are viewing and enjoying our website. The most common problem however is that our military language, even our specific Centaur terminology, often confuses them and causes them to loose interest in the article.

......Adding parenthetical phrases of explanation within the text and adding descriptive photos helps a lot. It is very time consuming to do that.

......Our main solution has been to use Hyperlinking where a reader can click on any blue underlined text to get a Glossary definition, get more information on a person mentioned or go to a War Story. A lot of work, yes, but well worth the effort to keep our viewers coming back.

......It was pointed out to me that I was a terrible offender of not explaining things in my letters home. My friends and folks at home seemed to enjoy them, but I have to wonder if they really had any idea what I was talking about most of the time. So I decided to work on just one letter that has been up on the site forever called "Unfinished Letter-1967", just to see how much work it would be to make it better with Hyperlinks. It took several days to do the thirty plus links and to write definitions for the Glossary.

......Those of you who want to make your stuff on the website better, email me with specifics, photos, definitions and corrections. I will make time to work with you on those additions.


hats Centaur Cobra Shark Teeth Hats:

.....They are in production. Price per hat is $28 plus shipping. All profits will go to the Dale Dow Scholarship program.

.....To order email Christine Dow Smith at Give her your address and number of hats and she will figure out the shipping costs.

.....Many thanks to Don Phillips for designing and getting the hats produced; Frank Dillion for loaning the funds to get the operation going; and Christine Dow Smith (Dale's daughter) for donating her time to take the orders and do the shipping.


Your MyPage, InfoSheet and Photos: Take a look at what we have up on the website for you. Let's make it better. Send me corrections, upgrades, photos, war stories and write about your Centaur Tour if you haven't already. I promise we will get it up quickly.